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Vehicle Air Conditioning System Repairs

Air conditioning is virtually a necessity for driving in the summer heat. When the air conditioning is broken, it can turn even short drives into hot and uncomfortable experiences. Hansma Automotive is able to fully diagnose any issues with your car's air conditioner, and get you feeling cool again!

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Common Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning failure can happen due to a number of reasons:

  • No Coolant: if your car has never had an air conditioning coolant refill, then most likely you're low on coolant. Air conditioning coolant is essential in providing cool air. 
  • Air Conditioning Sounds Noisy: this may be due to normal engine noise, but there's a chance it could be from the air conditioning compressor wearing out. It's best to get it checked out. 
  • Temperature Keeps Changing: This is probably the result of a broken thermostat. Your air conditioning could be completely capable of providing the desired temperature, but the thermostat is tricking it into thinking it's a different temperature then intended.
  • Blockages in the Air Conditioning: Leaves, dust, and other impurities can start to jam the air conditioning system. 

How Often Should I Get My Air Conditioner Checked?

It is recommended that you get your air conditioning checked every 50,000 kilometers, especially if a lot of summer driving is done which uses the air conditioner. Coolant will be lost over time, and it is good to get the compressor checked every 50,000 kilometers. 

Can't I Just Roll Down My Window?

Knowing when to roll down the window and when to use the air conditioning is part of driving. Often times arguments are made that one of them is more fuel efficient then the other. The air conditioner will put some added work onto your engine, while the windows being rolled down will create more air drag when you are driving. When driving slow (less then 60 km/h), it's more efficient to roll your windows down. If driving any faster, the air conditioning is more efficient. For more information on this click here.