Brakes repairs, calliper replacement, brake safety checks


Oil Changes, Rust Proofing, Safety Checks Fluid Flushes, etc

General Repair

Check Engine Light, Rough Running Repairs, Fuel Injection Repairs, Emission Failures, Cluthes/Drive-Line Repairs, etc

Vehicle Detailing

 Wash, Wax, Shampoo, Liquid Gas, Paint Protector, Interior Conditioner, Stain Removal, etc

Exhaust System

Exhaust Pipe Repairs, Mufflers, Catalytic Converter Repair


Shocks & Steering

Shock Repairs, Shock Replacement, Steering Column Repairs

Drive Clean Test

Get your car approved to drive, we are a licensed Drive Clean Test shop

Air Conditioning

Coolant Leak Repars, Air Conditioning System Repairs, Fan Repairs, etc



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"I've been dealing with Hansma Automotive for decades simply because Pete and his crew are good honest people. The service is great and trustworthy. They have an excellent warranty program also. Pete has become like family. Daphne and I highly recommend Hansma Automotive to any one who wants honesty and integrity in their auto shop." - Sid