What Is Drive Clean Ontario?

The Drive Clean program in Ontario is an emissions control program that seeks to reduce air pollution. This is done by testing and certifying to ensure that vehicles on the road adhere to Ontario's emission standards. The Drive Clean program was started in 1999, and has continued to this day. Hansma Automotive is able to perform Drive Clean testing.

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What Is The Purpose of Drive Clean?

The purpose of the Drive Clean program is to reduce air pollution by ensuring that vehicles which produce an unacceptable amount of pollution/emissions are not allowed on the road. All vehicle's from small cars to heavy trucks must be tested.  

How Long Does the Test Take?

The Drive Clean test is very quick. Typically only taking 15-30 minutes to complete.

How Often Do I Have to be Tested?

The time span between tests differs for standard vehicles and 'heavy' vehicles (heavy trucks and buses). Normal vehicles (cars, vans, SUV's etc.) must be tested every five years - starting five years after the vehicle's purchase date. Any normal vehicle that is from 1987 or older is exempt from the Drive Clean program - this is done as a sort of reprieve to lower income Ontarians who are still driving older vehicles.

Heavy vehicles such as heavy duty trucks and buses must be tested every year, and there are no exemption dates. If the vehicle is being registered to drive - it must be tested. There are no exceptions. 

Hansma Automotive is able to perform Drive Clean testing for all normal vehicles.

What If I Fail the Test?

Around 90% of vehicles pass the Drive Clean test. The majority of the remaining 10% fail due to some sort of maintenance issue, which can typically be fixed without much effort. There is no fine or penalty for failing a Drive Clean test, but the vehicle cannot be registered to drive legally until it successfully passes the test. It is usually in the drivers best interest to perform the necessary repairs to allow their vehicle to pass the Drive Clean test, as the alternative is purchasing a different vehicle.