Vehicle Detailing

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Keeping a vehicle in a healthy visual state is important to maintaining its longevity, as well as to feeling good about the vehicle that you drive. Hansma Automotive offers vehicle detailing services to keep your vehicle looking sharp.


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Wash, Wax, and Shampoo:

Hansma uses the most advanced cleaning techniques to make your vehicle look amazing! Our washing process will make your vehicle shine, while our waxing process will help preserve that finish. We also offer shampooing options to clean the fabrics of your vehicle. Click here to learn more.

Paint Protection:


Paint protection is vital to preserving your vehicle's appearance over time. Hansma offers techniques to keep that new vehicle shine, as well as repair old scuffs and scrapes. Click here to learn more.

Interior Protection and Stain Removal:

Protecting the interior of your vehicle: the dash, gearshift, steering wheel, as well as the doors and other areas, will make your vehicle feel brand new. Hansma also offers techniques to get rid of that pesky stain that just won't get clean.

Google+ Page and Reviews:

Hansma has always approached vehicle repair with the highest possible quality, and the reviews of our services reflect that. View our testimonial page, or view our Google+ page with dozens of reviews.