Sports Car Cleaning Services

Sports cars are the apex of driving satisfaction for many car owners. They are a perfect combination of power, agility and beauty in car form, and as such should be treated with the utmost care and respect by those who drive them. Hansma Automotive offers a full range of vehicle detailing services that are designed to keep your sports car. in pristine condition. Click here to contact us today.

Keep Your Vehicle Looking Amazing - Wash, Wax and Shampoo

Hansma uses the most advanced combination of hand cleaning techniques, waxes, and shampoos to achieve a clean that is simply not possible at most other car washes. All polishing is done by end. We would never take a machine to the exterior of your vehicle.

Our staff member, Steve Lipski, has years of experience as a vehicle detailing specialist. If you want your entire car, or just a specific area washed, waxed, and shampooed, contact Hansma today

Paint Protection and Shine

Keep the paint on your vehicle from fading and wear by protecting it with Hansma Automotive's paint protection services. We are able to proactively protect your paint from scratches, chips and other common forms of wear by applying a protective coating that repels all scrapes and scratches. We use only the highest quality products from Huttons and Meguiars.

Why Hansma is the Best Choice for Vehicle Detailing

Hansma Automotive has offered premium level detailing services for some time now. Steve is our detailing expert and every vehicle is handled exclusively by him. Our services are frequently used on sports car, antiques, and other exotic cars. Pete, our owner, collects antique vehicles and uses this service regularly on them. 

Hansma offers a wide range of vehicle detailing packages that are suitable for every vehicle and need. Packages can also be customized to include or exclude specific services.

Shuttle services are also available for the duration of the time your vehicle is in the shop.

How Long Does Detailing Take?

Vehicle detailing is typically completed in one day. Smaller jobs may only require a half day. 

Who Is this Service Not For?

Hansma's vehicle detailing services are premium level. This service is not meant for:

  • Those looking for the fastest and cheapest vehicle detailing
  • Those who do not put a high value of the exterior finish of their vehicle
  • Those who do not value quality and personal service

Located in Kitchener-Waterloo

Hansma Automotive is located conveniently in Kitchener-Waterloo and is able to serve clients from all surrounding regions. Contact us now or book appointment online.

Posted on January 5, 2015 .