Auto Detailing Services: Interior Conditioning and Car Leather

Keeping the interior of your car clean is often more difficult than keeping the exterior clean. Dust and grit settle into hard to reach places between the seats, and old coffee stains can be painfully obvious on floor mats. The vibrant leather seats can also lose their shine after extended use. Hansma Automotive can fix all of that, and make the interior of the car look incredible. 

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Leather and Upholstery

Sleek matte leather and soft upholstery is key to the interior's comfort and looks. Leather should appear an even colour with a matte finish - not a wet or shiny look. Upholstery should feel soft and airy to the touch, and be both inviting and comforting. Hansma Automotive will restore and preserve your leather and upholstery to give your car that fresh from the lot look and feel. 


Dashboard and Instruments

The dashboard and instruments are the area of the car that you view the most, as such it is good to give them some extra attention when it comes to looks and cleanliness. The dashboard will often be damaged  due to exposure to the sun. Hansma Automotive uses a combination of different hand procedures and products in order to keep your dash looking great. 


Carpets and Mats 

The carpets and mats in your vehicle may require some attention beyond just banging them out, or running a vacuum over them quickly. Hansma Automotive will give a full cleaning to them. Using whatever process necessary to remove stains and impurities. Our conditioning skills are unmatched.


Vehicle Detailing Specialists

Hansma Automotive is highly experienced in all things auto detailing and repair. Steve Lipski is our vehicle detailing professional, to read more about him, visit our staff page.  Trust us with both your vehicle's maintenance, and its looks. We also offer other detailing services such as:

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