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"We had a bit of a hard time finding a knowledgeable, trustworthy shop and a friend recommended Hansma Automotive. I wish I had found them years ago! Friendly and highly skilled at what they do, Pete, Adrian and the whole crew have helped us out of a couple jams and have mastered the art of letting you know what your vehicle needs without the pressure that I have experienced at other service counters in the past. Highest possible recommendation!"

 - Craig, a Hansma Autmotive Customer


Pete Hansma – Owner

Besides being the proud owner of Hansma Automotive, Pete enjoys restoring old cars, snowmobiling and spending quality time with family, friends, the community and life of the church. He has also been involved in the rehabilitation of developing countries, such as Guatemala, Nicaragua and Belize.



Adrian Bult – Repair Technician / Service Adviser

Adrian has been with Hansma since 2003. Along with Pete, Adrian is the one who welcomes customers at the door and is the lead hand of operations. When not at the Job, Adrian loves to relax with a fishing pole in one hand while driving his boat with the other. He is also an avid golfer and car enthusiast. Adrian became a father to a beautiful baby boy in August of 2016.



Anthony Foster – Repair Technician

Anthony has been with Hansma Automotive since 2008. Spending time with his family is a top priority in Anthony's life. He is a man of many interests and can be found playing one of many musical instruments, playing a game of tennis or baseball, or tending to his fish tank. When the day is through he enjoys relaxing in front of the big screen.


Harry Kooy – Repair Technician

Harry has been with Hansma Automotive since 2000 and is on the floor as a licensed mechanic. Flying model airplanes is Harry's greatest interest, but he is also an avid cycler, in which he bikes to work on a daily basis. He also likes to spend quiet time with his head in an intriguing novel and camping. 


Danielle Foster - Office Assistant

As of July 2016, Danielle has joined Hansma’s team two days a week. She manages the bookkeeping and all general office duties. Danielle is the daughter of Pete and married to Anthony. She enjoys spending time with her two beautiful daughters and volunteering at church & in the community.