Auto Repair and Detailing Testimonials

Hansma Automotive has been in operation for nearly 30 years, and in that time we have had the privilege of interacting with a lot of amazing customers. Over the years some customers have left testimonials and reviews of us that describes the quality of our work.

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"I have been using Hansma Automotive Service Inc. for over 5 years now and I find them to be professional in every respect. Their technicians quickly identify the issues and formulate a prioritized repair schedule. You can see that Peter has instilled his core values of honesty, Integrity and thoroughness in his team while also staying competitive. Keep up the good work" - Garry

Great service and friendly people. They have always been able to help me with car repairs and maintenance. When possible they provide options for repairs (different parts or levels of repair), usually followed by great advice for how to proceed. Their loaner car has been a benefit many times when I needed service, but also needed a vehicle. The cleaning service is great to remove all the salt and dirt that builds up from winter driving, I can't believe a 15+ year old car can look new. It's also convenient to have this done at the same place as I get all my other car work done. I will continue to come back for as long as I own a vehicle (probably forever)." - Nicholas

"These guys are good. Up to date and well equipped to repair late model cars, yet enough experience to deal with older stuff as well. Recently, I had a recurring problem on my 2014 Equinox that they resolved through persistence, even though in the aftermath it became obvious that the problem was caused by me, the driver! Great service as always, Thanks!" - Erv

"I have been taking my vehicles to Hansma's for over 20 years. Pete has always given good advice, hasn't done unnecessary repairs. They do great work, and if something needs correcting they are quick to do so. A few years ago, when debating about repairing an older model car, Pete recommended not fixing it and moving on, even though this meant less income for the shop. I have personally recommended Hansma's to several friends, who have been extremely satisfied with the service there." - Doug

"Great people! Hansma Automotive have been taking care of my vehicles for four years now. They are friendly and professional, and will take the time to talk cars, even if you don't have an immediate problem for them to fix. They have given good counsel when I have pondered whether to make one more repair or buy another vehicle. They are very well respected in the community." - Dennis

"Pete and his staff provide us continually excellent service with a smile, honest work and competitive prices. The vehicles are always ready for pick-up when they say they will be complete. Keep up the good work." - Tim

"I have been a customer of Hansma Automotive for a few years now. Pete and his crew are wonderful and really do care about you and your vehicle. They treat you with the utmost respect and always do a great job. I can come away from having my van worked on and be 100% confident that they have taken care of whatever needed to be done. They go above and beyond to help you make sure that you are safe on the road." - Cynthia

"Went to Hansma for problems with the front axle and bearings.Received service from Pete Hansma himself. It was a great experience. They provided fast and efficient service, and went out of their way to make it convenient for me to drop off and pick up my vehicle. I would definitely bring my car in again and I have suggested that my friends do the same. I found Hansma online, and found that he has been servicing the area for many, many years. I would strongly suggest that anyone go to Hansma Automotive for any servicing needs. I know I will." - Dave 

"A few months back I was in a tight spot...I needed to commute to Toronto for work the next day and we had just gotten a down pour of snow and ice and I had not had a chance to get my winter tires put on. I started calling everyplace I could think of to try and get my snow tires installed but no one would give me the time of day (it turns out lots of people had not gotten their tires on yet)...then I called Hansma. Hansma got me in, changed my tires and put me back on the road in time for work the next day. The service, the price, and the work was all top notch. Thanks, Guys." - Joshua

"Hansma Automotive provides exceptional customer service every time. They communicate in a clear and friendly manner and then deliver great technical service! - John

"Been a customer at Hansma's for many years. Had a 1990 pickup that ran like a new vehicle due to the work and upkeep they gave it. Awesome service, friendly staff. Any work not covered under our new vehicles warranty will be done at Hansma's 'cause I can trust them." - Marion

"Very professional! They looked after all of my automotive needs quickly and efficiently. I recommend the car detailing. Fantastic!" - Lori

"We have had our vehicles serviced at Hansma Automotive for over 20 years!! We appreciate the courtesy and expertise of Pete and his staff. We thoroughly trust him, all his decisions and do not question his recommendations or service." - Bill and Anita

"I have dealt with Hansma Automotive for my vehicles mechanical and car detailing several times and recommended family and friends and we were all very pleased every time. Peter and his staff are always helpful and pleasant, I will be back!" - Dianne

"I've been taking our vehicle to Hansma for a year now. It's always a friendly encounter with Pete and Adrian. I don't worry about any unnecessary repairs as they are trustworthy and honest." - Lindsay

"Excellent service, reasonable pricing and very welcoming team." - Ahmad

"I always had a sense that Pete and staff respected me and were concerned that I get affordable yet appropriate repairs. Honesty and integrity is what I was looking for in an auto service centre and Hansma Automotive delivers." - Luv

"Awesome service! Great place to have all your vehicle maintenance done. Would highly recommend Hansma Automotive." - Kathy

"I bought a car off my Dad and while going through some papers of his I noticed that he had the same service a few years ago that I had this week. The parts that he paid for in 2011 in Chatham were $20 more then I paid. (The part was a cabin air filter). Based on this alone makes me feel very comfortable with the service I get here." - Kirk

"Pete and his Team have faithfully looked after our company's fleet for well over a decade with friendliness, courtesy and efficiency. Without reliable vehicles we cannot get around to the customers we serve and Hansma has played a crucial role in keeping us up and running. Pete also understands better than most that emergencies happen and is flexible in addressing those times with unflappable calm. We highly recommend them for both your company and personal vehicle maintenance, repair and overhaul." - Jack

"Was referred by Sullivan Automotive. Great service and friendly staff! Would definitely go back!" - Melissa

"Great service is providing the service that you need. If you have an older vehicle you can not only count on Pete and his mechanics to help you get the most out of it but to also inform you as to when it's no longer worth repairing. Where other mechanics might be tempted to keep on recommending (expensive) repairs Pete listens to your particular situation and performs a cost/benefit analysis with every repair. Recently, Pete told me that it was no longer worth fixing up my 20 year old vehicle. I now have a newer vehicle which means that I'll be seeing less of of him and his team. Pete's honesty and integrity are representative of the highest professional standards and I am happy to recommend Hansma Automotive." - Greg

"Friendly, honest and non-intimidating service! They will shop for the best price on parts and not push services that they do not feel are needed at that time. Very accommodating with booking last minute appointments. Reception area is clean and comfortable offering free coffee & Wifi...what more could you need?!!" - Joe

"I am a single mom and I have find a lot of shops will try to take advantage o women because they think that we don't have a clue.. I have found at Hansma Automotive they take the time to explain options and prices and only repair what needs to be done. A good mechanic is hard to find. I came here because they were highly recommended by a friend and haven't been disappointed" - Sue  

"I have been going to Hansma Automotive now for over 20 years, and ever since I got married, my husband has been going to Pete as well. Not only does Pete always "get you in" when you've left it until the last minute or it's an emergency, but whether you call him on the phone or walk into the shop, he always greets you with a big smile! I believe that Pete genuinely cares about you, your family and your vehicle. Pete is honest, caring, hard working, reliable and trustworthy. There are never any surprises, his crew always gets the job done as promised, and you always know that when you pull out of the driveway, your car is in 100% perfect condition. Thanks for always being there for our family Pete!" - Tara

"I've been dealing with Hansma Automotive for decades simply because Pete and his crew are good honest people. The service is great and trustworthy. They have an excellent warranty program also. Pete has become like family. We, Daphne and I, Highly recomend Hansma Automotive to any one who wants honesty and integrity in their auto shop." - Sid

"Great full service automotive shop! I've always brought all my vehicles to Hansma Automotive for any kind of repair or service needed. Everything from oil changes and brakes, to custom performance suspension and exhaust systems. They also have top quality detailing as well. They're all great mechanics and excellent customer service." - Fraser

"Nothing but the best! Until about 5 years ago, I was the type of person to bring my vehicle to Canadian Tire when repairs were needed. I figured that by bringing my vehicle to a large chain, I would have nothing to worry about with rates, customer service and quality. Long storey short, upon a visit to Canadian Tire years ago, none of my expectations were met as I felt ripped off and miss treated. That was the last time I brought my car there. When the time came for minor maintanance and an oil change, I brought my car to Hansma Automotive because a friend recommended it. Since my first visit, I have never been let down. The rates are more then fair, but what matters most to me was the honesty. Too often when bringing my car in for repairs, I was subject to aggressive sales tactics that made me feel that my car could explode if I didn't do the countless repairs "required" by Canadian Tire. Hansma Automotive had knowledgeable people working the desk who had an open discussion about what repairs I could expect in the future and what needed to be done soon.Its hard to find a mechanic that you feel you can trust, but if you use Hansma Automotive I can guarantee you will be as pleased as I was, and your days of searching for a trustworthy mechanic are over!!! - Bradley

"Pete and his crew are awesome. I have had work done on a few vehicles there with no problems. Anthony and Adrian have great follow up, they communicate well and treat even the smallest repair a priority for them. Recently in February I decided last minute that I wanted snow tires put on 2 days before my first child was born. I didnt think Hansma could do it with short notice so I called 4 other places and they were all quoting me 4 days+. I decided to go out on a limb and call Hansma, I dealt with both Anthony and Adrian and they started making calls right away. Between the both of them they were able to find tires in London, have them shipped to the shop and squeeze me in the next day to have them put on. If thats not customer care and service I dont know what is? Thanks guys for always looking after me..." - Joey

"I have been using the services of Hansma Automotive for 5+ years. Pete, Adrian and all the staff are very courteous and professional. They do good work and are trustworthy. Always willing to help and always friendly." - Michele

"My husband and I have taken our vehicles to Hansma many times for their exceptional washing and detailing services. The staff is always very accomodating and friendly and the price is very reasonable based on the competition. We are always happy when we pull up and see our clean, shiney vehicles." - Anita

"I have been a customer for over 20 years. and have recommended Peter to my family and friends and acquaintances over this period of time. I was never worried about referring them to Peter, because of my TRUST is services and car care advice provided by Pete and his crew." - Ronald

"the shop does very good work very efficient , the shop is well equipped with the latest equipment and kept clean and the coffee is ok" - Joseph

"Pete and his crew have been servicing my vehicles for close to 20 years. His friendly easy going personality makes him great to deal with and his style rubs off on the rest of his crew. With his very full set of quality services there is almost no reason to go elsewhere." - Kevin

"We had a bit of a hard time finding a knowledgeable, trustworthy shop and a friend recommended Hansma Automotive. I wish I had found them years ago! Friendly and highly skilled at what they do, Pete, Adrian and the whole crew have helped us out of a couple jams and have mastered the art of letting you know what your vehicle needs without the pressure that I have experienced at other service counters in the past. Highest possible recommendation!" - Craig

"Pete Hansma and his team have always been kind and courteous. I have been taking my vehicle to Hansma Automotive for at least 4 years now and have not been disappointed with the service. I have had a few troubles with my older vehicle. Although quick to find the problem, and a solution, they show care and concern for safety which keeps me on the road. As a student and single parent relying on one vehicle the service provided by Pete and his team is wonderful. I am happy to say that I can trust Hansma Automotive Service Team to do the right thing when my vehicle needs service. Through well qualified technicians, they are ready and able to provide knowledgeable assistance. They are ready to give you a smile, and very helpful even when it is just putting air in tires. This is a team that works well together and as a client it is wonderful to see this in such a competitive environment. I am very thankful for this trustworthy team at Hansma Automotive. So check them out!" - Shannon

"I have been taking my vehicle to Peter Hansma for over 20 years and found them to be very professional reliable and honest. Very nice and helpful technicians. I strongly recommend Hansma Automotive!" - Sergio

"Hansma automotive has been servicing our vehicles for years. They are quick, but also thorough and usually go beyond our expectations. Their staff is friendly, knowledgable and always quick to help in a pinch." - Doug

"Hansma Automotive have handled all my car repairs and maintenance for over 5 years. Pete, Adrian and all the staff are very friendly, courteous and professional. At times I have called on short notice and they try their best to accommodate. I have never been disappointed with the work or service." - Ben

"I have had my vehicles serviced, repaired, and cleaned at Hansma's for many years. Pete and Adrian have always looked after me with honesty, respect, and in a very timely manner. I would recommend anyone to utilize their services." - Max

"Hansma Automotive is a top notch service and repair centre. You can count on the job being done right at an honest and fair cost. It is good to see the integrity and dependability they display. - John

"I've been a customer of Pete's for 18 years.The service is outstanding. The work is always done right the first time and in a timely manner.They have the knowledge and experience to do the job right!" - Dennis

"Hansma Automotive has been servicing my vehicles for over 20 years. The service is excellent, they shop for the best prices on parts, they let me know what to anticipate, they don't recommend work that is not necessary. Honest and reliable." - Gavin

"We have been using Hansma Automotive since it opened.Personable,honest ,professional and reliable,also i can say a friend. Hansma truly makes the effort to do the best they can for you at a reasonable price." - Randy

"Pete and his gang are reliable and honest, what more could you want in a mechanic. Been dealing there happily for well over 20 years." - John

"My experience with Pete at Hansma Automotive is that he consistently gives me prompt service and great value. Recently, he fixed my burnt-out front headlight for free, saying "It only took a few minutes and you're a regular customer"! This kind of service is very rare in my experience, thanks Pete!" - Dwight

"Always fix my car in time and for a reasonable amount of money. Very understanding of my time constraints as I have a commuting job. I have already gone twice and I will again." - Bethany

"I've had the pleasure of dealing with Peter and his staff over the last 10 years. They have always been very professional and fair. They go out of their way to make sure your vehicle is returned to you when needed, without any hassles. I have nothing but good things to say about Hansma Automotive and would highly recommend them to anyone." - Phil

"Pete and his crew kept our two vehicles safe and reliable for over three years.Pete will always research and suggest the best solution, including not doing the repair if that was in our best interest." - Rick

"I have been using Hansma Automotive for all my mechanical work for years, both for personal and my business vehicles. They have always provided the best service of any other shop I have been too. I highly recommend Hansma Automotive." - Adam

"Been taking my car to Hansma's for a number of years. Never had an issue with any of the work. Excellent work down and very professional. Never push for too much." - Paul

"An auto shop you can trust! Only the best in service from Pete, Adrian and the rest of the team. They help you keep your vehicle in great shape." - Adom

"We have enjoyed the honest, prompt, and efficient service we have received from the people at Hansma Automotive service throughout the past ten or so years. We regularly recommend them to our friends." - Steve

"Great service. High integrity and professionalism. I have always been given options about what needs immediate attention and what can be deferred." - Dan

"I have 2 vehicles and I do not like to go anywhere but here for repairs. I find the service team thorough and honest." - Mike

"Quality work, quality parts and honest service...nough said.I highly recommend Hansma Automotive" - Jeff

"We always get great service from Pete and his team and an opinion we can trust." - Mark

"Hansma Automotive have been taking care of my vehicles for quite some time now and will continue to rely on their service and expertise. - Jody

"Honest, thorough, and they explain the issues with no pressure." - Lisa


Customer Reviews:

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Additional Benefits:

Choosing Hansma for your automotive service comes with additional benefits on top of great service. These benefits include:

  • Complimentary shuttle services so you can still get to work if your car is in the shop.
  • Cost/benefit analysis of your vehicle, as sometimes it's time to get a new vehicle. Hansma will make recommendation about a new vehicle if the cost of repairs is going to outweigh the cost of a newer vehicle.
  • Online appointment requests. Our online booking form allows you to specify which date works best for you. Our staff will do their best to get you into the shop on that date.
  • Highly knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Our staff wants what is best for you.