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Imagine a scenario where you have to suddenly stop on a busy road, with a vehicle full of passengers, and your brakes are not working properly. In the split second before the inevitable crash, you wish you had heeded the warnings and taken your vehicle to a reliable mechanic for a brake examination. On average, you will require three major brake repairs during the lifetime of your vehicle. These repairs may include caliper repairs or even caliper replacements. It is important then, that you find an auto repair shop that you can trust, like Hansma Automotive.  Call us for your brake repairs.


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How To Know If Your Brakes Require Repair

If your vehicle is making a squeaking or squealing noise when you brake, you may need repairs. Sometimes a vehicle will make this type of noise if there is condensation on the brakes, but if the noise continues you should bring your vehicle to us immediately.  In addition, if your vehicle is pulling or grabbing to one side when you brake, you may have issues with the calipers.

                                                         Twin Pot Calipers

                                                         Twin Pot Calipers

Disc Brake Component Parts

There are three main components to disc brakes. These are calipers, pads, and rotors. The rotors are the part of the wheel assembly that spins. They require force to bring them to a stop and that force is applied when you press the brake pedal. The pads are connected to the calipers and they come into contact with the rotor when you press the brake. Due to friction, pads eventually wear down and need to be replaced. The calipers hold the pads and provide the squeezing motion that brings the pads into contact with the rotors. At Hansma, we use CARQUEST auto part that are guaranteed from coast to coast.

Caliper Repair & Replacement

On occasion, a vehicle's calipers may fail to work correctly when the pistons no longer retract. This will often cause the brakes to pull to one side or produce a grabbing sensation. A professional auto technician can also tell if there is a problem by examining the wear on the brake pads. Uneven wear may be an indication that the calipers are no longer functioning effectively.

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Brake Safety Checks

Brakes should be examined every six months, or sooner if a problem is suspected. Preventative maintenance may save you a considerable amount of money, so be sure to book an appointment. It will also give you the peace of mind that your vehicle will safely come to a complete stop when you require it. At Hansma, in a few hours or less, we can replace your brakes quickly and professionally, so don't hesitate to contact us when your brakes need inspection. We are located at 88 Shoemaker St. Kitchener, N2E 3G4.