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The catalytic converter is a vital component of any modern vehicle's exhaust system. A malfunctioning catalytic converter can emit unsafe levels of toxins into the environment, and cause the vehicle to fail to pass an emissions test. Beyond this, replacing a catalytic converter is very expensive. As such, it is important that the catalytic converter should be maintained in excellent condition. For more information on repairs, click the links below, or read on.

How A Catalytic Converter Works

Your catalytic converter is situated between the engine and the muffler. Its role is to remove harmful pollutants from the exhaust and achieves this by using a honeycomb of plates and tunnels that are chemically coated. These honeycombs cause chemical reactions to take place that reduce the harm the exhaust gases potentially can cause. 

                                                    Catalytic Converter

                                                    Catalytic Converter

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Why A Catalytic Converter Becomes Faulty

Your catalytic converter should last for the life of the vehicle. However, it can fail for the reasons listed below:

  • The catalytic converter can become plugged if the incorrect type of gasoline is used, or if certain fuel additives are used
  • The converter overheats due to excessive vehicle overload, faulty spark plugs, or misfires and backfiring
  • The exhaust valves on the engine malfunction
  • Fouled plugs can cause buildup in the catalytic converter, causing it to fail
  • Road damage: A catalytic converter can come in contact with a road surface or other object that causes damage to its structure and affect its ability to function adequately
                                                    Exhaust Pipe

                                                    Exhaust Pipe

Catalytic Converter Repairs

Catalytic converter repairs can be expensive and complicated. They are generally best handled by a professional.  If you have purchased a vehicle that requires licensing, our professional team can repair your vehicle and meet the standards required by the Drive Clean Test.


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