Exhaust Pipe Repairs

The exhaust system is one of the hardest working components of a vehicle. Despite the fact that the exhaust system has no moving parts, it is under extreme stress, and should be kept in excellent repair for the best possible driving experience. 

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What Does the Exhaust System Do?

The exhaust system is responsible for: 

  • Controlling engine noise
  • Directing gases away from passenger compartment
  • Improving engine performance
  • Increasing fuel economy


Why is the Pipe Important?

The exhaust pipe is where all of the gases from the engine pass through on their way to the catalytic converter and silencer. The catalytic converter scrubs harmful toxins from the gases, making your vehicle more environmentally friendly, and the silencer quiets down the whole process to a comfortable volume. The exhaust system also needs to provide a certain amount of back pressure to the engine, in order for the engine to function properly

A hole in the exhaust pipe can disrupt all of these processes, as it allows exhaust fumes to escape prematurely, causing a leak in harmful toxins, increased noise, and decreased engine pressure.


Is it Simple to Repair the Exhaust Pipe? 

If treated soon enough, repairing an exhaust pipe can be a very quick process. However, if the problem is allowed to persist, the damage will increase, and the repair could be more time and cost intensive. It is best to repair anything as soon as possible. 


How Can I Detect an Exhaust Pipe Problem?

The simplest way to detect an issue with your exhaust system is by ear. If your vehicle suddenly starts to sound different one day - often louder or more 'harsh' - then there is likely an issue with your exhaust system. If you hear a rattling sound from beneath the vehicle, that could also indicate an exhaust problem. For more information on the sounds your vehicle could make, visit our vehicle sounds page.