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Seasons come and go. With the change from summer to winter or winter to summer in Kitchener-Waterloo also comes the need to get a tire change to match the changing weather. But is it really necessary to do this at the beginning of every summer and winter season? The answer is yes. At Hansma Automotive we are your friendly tire change professionals. We will quickly change your summer tires to your winter ones or vice versa in no time at all. We can even switch them onto your rims for you; and we will do it all with a smile. Contact us today to get your tires changed.



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"Great service and friendly people. They have always been able to help me with car repairs and maintenance. When possible they provide options for repairs (different parts or levels of repair), usually followed by great advice for how to proceed. Their loaner car has been a benefit many times when I needed service, but also needed a vehicle. The cleaning service is great to remove all the salt and dirt that builds up from winter driving, I can't believe a 15+ year old car can look new. It's also convenient to have this done at the same place as I get all my other car work done. I will continue to come back for as long as I own a vehicle (probably forever)."
- Nicholas

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Is It Really Necessary To Change Your Tires Every Season?

Winter and summer tires are specially designed for their specific weather conditions. If you keep you winter tires on all year long, they will wear out faster and actually end up costing you more money in the long run to replace them. They are also noisier and often give off an annoying whirring sound. Winter tires are also not as effective as summer tires in the rain.

Summer Tires

The tread on summer tires is usually made of large tread blocks with high lateral stiffness. They also have wide circumferential grooves which help to expel water. The rubber used to make summer tires is designed to perform best in warm weather. Summer tires are firmer than winter tires and they get stickier at higher temperatures. They also have more grip in the rain than winter tires. It is a good idea to put on your summer tires as soon as they winter weather is over - in Ontario that is usually in April or May.

Winter Tires

Winter tires are made from a flexible compound that grips better at lower temperatures. Their tread features a pattern that is specially designed to grip into the snow. They also will have a network of hair-thin cuts, which are referred to as "sipes." These sipes crisscross the tread blocks forming multiple edges that give the tire extra grip. Winter tires are much squishier and their tread is less stable than the tread found on summer tires. Most people in Ontario will change over to their winter tires in October or November.

The following video will explain the difference between winter and summer tires.

All-Season Tires

All-season tires are designed to offer you the benefits of summer and winter tires in one convenient tire. However, according to Driving Change Automotive Group Blog, most automotive experts agree that all-season tires are really only effective in spring, summer, and fall. This is mainly because they begin to harden and lose their grip once the temperature falls below 10 degrees Celsius. This means that they are not the best or safest choice for our Canadian winters.

Are Winter Tires Necessary?

If you live in a country like Canada that has extreme winter conditions, then changing your tires to match the driving conditions is the safest and smartest choice. In fact, in some of our provinces like Quebec and British Columbia, winter tires are mandated by law. But whether or not your province legislates their use, the fact is that they definitely give you better traction, braking, and handling in nasty winter weather. A study conducted by found that the stopping distance using winter tires was 30 - 40% better than that of all-season tires. This adds up to better collision prevention.

Tire Changes - What Does The Hansma Service Include?

The friendly tire change specialists at Hansma will:

  • Remove your summer/winter tires and mount the ones to be changed on your rims. If you have two sets of rims we will switch them for you.
  • Balance your tires.
  • Provide a wheel alignment.

We strongly recommend that tires be installed in sets of four. For safety reasons, snow tires should only ever be installed in sets of four. To find out more information about when you should change your tires, click here. Contact us today to book your appointment.

Source:  Google Maps

Source: Google Maps