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“I have tried just about every auto polish ever marketed over the last 50 years, and never have I been more impressed with this product that is easy to apply, easy to wipe off and leaves an incredible shine that actually looks and feels like glass. What a wonderful product. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.”  – Michael B. Moore, Medford, OR


Pete Hansma – Owner

Besides being the proud owner of Hansma Automotive, Pete enjoys restoring old cars, snowmobiling and spending quality time with family, friends, the community and life of the church. He has also been involved in the rehabilitation of developing countries, such as, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Belize.

Email: pete@hansmaautomotive.com


Adrian Bult – Repair Technician / Customer Service

Adrian has been with Hansma since 2003. Besides Pete, Adrian usually the one who welcomes customers at the door and is the lead hand of operations. When not at the Job, Adrian loves to relax with a fishing pole in one hand while driving his boat with the other.  He is also an avid golfer and car enthusiast.

Email: adrian@hansmaautomotive.com


Harry Kooy – Repair Technician

Harry has been with Hansma Automotive since 2000 and is on the floor as a licensed mechanic. Flying model airplanes is Harry's greatest interest, but he is also an avid cycler, in which he bikes to work on a daily basis. He also likes to spend quiet time with his head in an intriguing novel and camping. 

Email: harry@hansmaautomotive.com


Jeremy Schurter – Repair Technician

Jeremy has been with Hansma Automotive since 2006. When Jeremy is not spending time with his new precious, newborn daughter, he loves to participate in many recreational activities such as; softball, volleyball, cross- country skiing. He also frequently visits the local gym to work out.

Email: jeremy@hansmaautomotive.com


Anthony Foster – Repair Technician

Anthony has been with Hansma Automotive since 2008. Spending time with his precious new born daughter is now a top priority in Antony's life but his gift of making music with both the piano and drums is also a great passion of his as well. After a hard working day, Anthony loves to watch sports on the big screen.


Judy Hansma – Office Assistant

Is the loving and supporting wife of Pete for 30 years. She has been a devoted member of Hansma Automotive from day one doing the book keeping and other miscellaneous office duties. When Judy is not quilting or gardening, she is a committed volunteer at Bibles for Missions thrift store.

Email: judy@hansmaautomotive.com


Steve Lipski – Vehicle Detailing Professional

When Steve is not working hard on the job, he will usually be spending time with his wife, family, and friends. Steve regularly goes to Toronto to see a Raptors or Jays game. On Sundays he will be at home watching football with the guys. Boating, fishing, and camping are all his greatest interests.