Rust Proofing Benefits and Protection

Rust proofing your vehicle is something of a necessity in our harsh Ontario winters. Salt, ice pellets, and freezing rain all accelerate the rusting process of exposed metal. As such it is important to keep a vehicle properly protected. This article will talk about the benefits of rust protection for your vehicle. Click here to contact Hansma today.

What is Rust Protection?

Rust protection for your vehicle typically comes in the form of an 'oil spray,' which contains a combination of ingredients to slow down or halt the corrosion of the exterior of your vehicle. Rust protection is not hazardous, and has no health or danger risks associated with it. 

How Does it Work?

The rust protection coating is sprayed onto the vehicle where it creates a unique bond with the exterior metal, and then spreads fully into every crevice and crack. This bond repels moisture, salt and other impurities.

When Should My Vehicle Be Treated?

If you have not done so recently, the best time to get your vehicle rust treated is now. Beyond this, there is no bad time of year for this procedure, as the moisture that speeds rusting is always present. If you are on an annual rust proofing schedule, then fall/winter is the best time to get your vehicle treated. 

The spring is the worst time of year for corrosion damage. As all of the snow and ice melts, impurities creep into the tiny crevices and cracks of your vehicle. This moisture is often full of salt from road treatment and if left unchecked will cause significant damage. 

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