Shock Repairs Kitchener

A serious loss of control can occur endangering your life and the lives of your passengers and other drivers due to faulty, ineffective or worn shocks. At Hansma, shock repairs are one of our specialties and our team of licensed auto mechanics are ready to repair your vehicle, usually in a few hours or less. Contact us immediately if your shocks are causing you concern and you can be confident that we will carefully examine your car and repair or replace the necessary parts.

What Are Shocks?

Shocks are responsible for preventing your vehicle from bouncing all over the road. They are an important part of the suspension and will improve the ride of your vehicle. Shocks are generally considered to be a better choice in terms of handling than struts, which usually have a lower initial cost. Shocks work by absorbing or dampening the effects of bumps, potholes, and other hazards that may be found on Kitchener area roads.

"Pete and his crew kept our two vehicles safe and reliable for over three years. Pete will always research and suggest the best solution, including not doing the repair if that was in our best interest." - Rick

When To Know If Your Shocks Require Replacement

If you suspect that your shocks are excessively worn you may be able to carry out a simple test. Using your body weight, press down hard on one corner of your vehicle. If it quickly returns to a state of rest it is probably fine. However, if the vehicle has a sustained bounce, it may require an examination of the suspension. This test will be difficult to do if the vehicle is an SUV, truck or other large vehicle, or if you cannot generate sufficient power. Call us for a professional examination to be confident of the condition of your shocks.

You may also be aware of an increasingly poor quality of ride in the vehicle. If the car dives when you brake, has excessive lean or roll in corners, or if it bounces or bottoms out going over potholes or speed bumps, it may be a clue that your shocks are nearing the end of their effective life. Some manufacturers recommend examining or replacing your shocks every 75,000 km or so.



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                                   A rear suspension clearly showing the placement of shocks

                                   A rear suspension clearly showing the placement of shocks

Hansma And Shocks

While the layman can replace shocks, it is not a simple task and requires special equipment and the correct parts. At Hansma, there is no need to wonder if the parts we use are suitable for your vehicle.  We will replace your shocks with quality CARQUEST auto parts which are guaranteed coast to coast. We can generally make the repairs at our facility, located at 88 Shoemaker Street, Kitchener, in a few hours or less. If you have somewhere you need to be, take advantage of our free shuttle service and book an appointment with confidence.