Vehicle Interior Stain Removal

Keeping a vehicle free of stains can be a challenge. So much time is spent in a vehicle, oftentimes with items that can stain, such as coffee or makeup. Since much of the interior of a vehicle is carpeted or upholstered, a stain can occur nearly anywhere and can sometimes go unnoticed for long periods of time. Hansma Automotive is an expert at keeping the interior of your vehicle fresh and clean, and removing those difficult stains and blemishes. 

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How Can I Prevent Stains from Happening?

It might be near impossible to prevent all stains from occurring (especially with a family vehicle), but a little effort can go a long way:

  1. Always remove garbage and debris from the vehicle upon completing a commute. The more clutter in a vehicle, the more chance of a stain, especially with old cups and food wrappers. 
  2. Try to vacuum the vehicle at least once a month. Small bits of grit start to build up, and while they may not cause a stain immediately, over time they will corrupt the colour of the interior. Vacuuming occasionally can clear this grit out, and keep a vehicle looking clean longer. 
  3. Try to avoid eating in your car. Eating on the road can be convenient, but it is one of the likeliest ways to make a mess in a hurry. It's also unsafe. Just take a few minutes and finish your lunch before you leave. 

What Should I Do If I Make a Stain?

  1. Treat it immediately. The first few minutes are crucial for getting the stain out before it can fully set/dry.
  2. Using a baking soda and water mixture can clean and polish vinyl.
  3. Using a vinegar, detergent, and water mixture can clean upholstery.

I Can't Remove the Stain, What Now?

Some stains just won't come out without some serious cleaning power. Hansma Automotive is able to help with the toughest stains and marks inside your vehicle. We use extremely powerful cleaning products that will get the job done, but are safe and environmentally friendly. If you are selling your vehicle, having it clean can go a long way towards convincing a potential buyer to make the purchase. 


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