What Is Drive Clean Ontario?

The Drive Clean program in Ontario is an emissions control program that seeks to reduce air pollution. This is done by testing and certifying to ensure that vehicles on the road adhere to Ontario's emission standards. The Drive Clean program was started in 1999, and has been operative ever since. Hansma Automotive is able to perform Drive Clean testing. If your vehicle needs a drive clean test, contact us today to book yours.

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Who Needs To Have A Drive Clean Test?

If your vehicle is seven years and older it must pass an emissions test in order for you to renew its registration and licence plates.

What Is The Purpose Of Drive Clean?

The purpose of the Drive Clean program is to reduce air pollution by ensuring that vehicles which produce an unacceptable amount of pollution/emissions are not allowed on the road. All vehicles which are seven years and older are required to pass an emissions test in order for you to renew the registration and licence plates.

New Changes To The Drive Clean Program

On April1, 2017, new changes came into effect for the Drive Clean Program. Here is a summary of those changes.

1. Your First Drive Clean Emissions Test Is Free

To renew your registration for a light-duty vehicle such as a car, van, SUV, or light truck, your first test is free of charge. Click here to see if you are eligible for a free test.  Heavy-duty vehicles do not qualify for a free test.

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2. You Don't Need Emission Testing Now When Selling A Light-Duty Vehicle.

A Drive Clean test is not required when selling a light-duty vehicle, however, vehicles that are seven years or older still have to have a Drive Clean test every two years in order to renew their licence plate. If you purchasing an older vehicle, you should check for the most recent Drive Clean test results for that vehicle by clicking here.

3. Diagnostic And Monitor Setting Fees Are No Longer Counted Towards The Repair Cost Limit.

In order to qualify for a conditional pass, the cost of all emissions-related repairs must be at least equal to the Repair Cost Limit. The limit is currently $450 before tax and it will increase each year according to the Consumer Price Index. There is no limit on repair costs, however, for heavy-duty vehicles.

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4. No More Consecutive Conditional Passes

If your vehicle fails its emissions testing, you can have repairs done up to the Repair Cost Limit and then receive a conditional pass which will allow you to renew your licence plate sticker. You will then have two years to complete all the necessary repairs for your vehicle to pass the testing. Your vehicle must pass at that time as a consecutive conditional pass will not be given at that time.

How Long Does The Test Take?

The Drive Clean test is very quick, typically only taking 15-30 minutes to complete.

How Often Do I Have To Be Tested?

The time span between tests differs for standard vehicles and 'heavy' vehicles (heavy trucks and buses). Normal vehicles (cars, vans, SUVs, etc.) which are seven years or older must be tested every two years. Heavy vehicles such as heavy duty trucks and buses must be tested every year, and there are no exemption dates. If the vehicle is being registered to drive, it must be tested. There are no exceptions.

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What If My Vehicle Fails?

Around 90% of vehicles pass the Drive Clean test. The majority of the remaining 10% fail due to some sort of maintenance issue, which can typically be fixed without much effort. There is no fine or penalty for failing a Drive Clean test. If your vehicle requires a drive clean test and it has already had one conditional pass, it cannot be registered to drive legally until it successfully passes the test. It is usually in the driver's best interest to perform the necessary repairs to allow their vehicle to pass the Drive Clean test, as the alternative is purchasing a different vehicle. 

Preventative Care Is Important

Keeping a well-maintained vehicle can help you avoid costly repairs and reduce pollution in our environment. It is important to follow the maintenance schedules outlined by your vehicle's manufacturer. If your check engine light comes on, have your vehicle looked at by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible. Contact Hansma Automotive for all your regularly scheduled maintenance and repairs.

Hansma Automotive is able to perform Drive Clean testing for all normal vehicles.

"These guys are good. Up to date and well equipped to repair late model cars, yet enough experience to deal with older stuff as well. Recently, I had a recurring problem on my 2014 Equinox that they resolved through persistence, even though in the aftermath it became obvious that the problem was caused by me, the driver! Great service as always, Thanks!"
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