Fuel Injection System Cleaning

Hansma Automotive is your local provider for vehicle detailing, maintenance and repair, including fuel injection systems. Modern automobiles rely on direct fuel injection to add fuel to the combustion reaction that drives your vehicle. However, carbon, dirt and other grime can build up over time in the fuel injection system, causing loss of power, loss of fuel economy as well as many other unwanted side effects. Keeping the fuel injection system clean is essential for efficient vehicle operation and optimal engine health.

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Professional Fuel Injection System Cleaning

Hansma Automotive utilizes BG Automotive Products for fuel injection cleaning. Fuel Injection (as well as air induction) service is fully backed by the Lifetime BG Protection Plan, so long as initial service happens within the first 120,000 km of your cars life, and every 25,000 km following that time. At Hansma we stand behind our work, and hold your vehicle's well being as our top priority. 

At a minimum, you should get your fuel injection system checked every 50,000 km.

Do It Yourself Fuel Injection System Cleaning

Cleaning the fuel injection system of your vehicle is an advanced process, but can be done with care and patience. To clean your fuel injection system, you will need a fuel injection cleaning kit, and a screwdriver. A fuel injection cleaning kit can be purchased at your nearest auto store or online. Once you have a fuel injection cleaning kit, click here to visit the popular wikiHow article on fuel injection cleaning. 

Notice: Cleaning your fuel injection system yourself is an, "at your own risk," process. Hansma Automotive doesn't assume any responsibility for the results of the process. If you would rather we complete the process for you, give us a call today.

Posted on September 4, 2014 .