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How to Register a Car in Waterloo: Click Here  

If you are looking to register a car in Waterloo, Hansma Automotive can help. Read on for an outline of the registration process, where it can be done in Waterloo, and how Hansma can make sure your vehicle is road ready. Remember, you must register and insure your vehicle - it is the law! Wondering about general repair, maintenance, or any of our other services? Contact Hansma now. Let Hansma’s 32 years of experience work for you!


Register a Car in Waterloo: Steps to Follow

If you are buying a new vehicle from a dealership, the registration will usually be handled by the dealer. If for some reason it isn’t completed there, you will have to register your vehicle at a Service Ontario centre. When it comes to the purchase of a used vehicle, you need to register the vehicle within 6 days of the sale at a Service Ontario centre.

To register a vehicle and get a permit and licence plate, here’s what you will need to bring:

  • Your driver’s licence or your registrant identification number (RIN), if you do not have a driver's licence

  • The completed used vehicle information package (only when registering a passenger vehicle, light commercial vehicle, self-propelled motor home or motorcycle)

  • Proof of purchase (for example, a receipt from the seller or portion of used vehicle information package that can be used as a bill of sale)

  • Proof of insurance from an insurance provider licensed in Ontario

  • The original vehicle permit from seller with completed transfer portion

  • The plate portion of the permit, if you already have a licence plate.

The cost is $120 in Southern Ontario, so don’t forget to bring payment as well.


If you are purchasing a used vehicle, you need to get it registered within 6 days.


It’s important to remember that while you can buy and register a vehicle without a Safety Standards Certificate, you can’t put plates on a vehicle without one. A Safety Standards Certificate confirms that your car has met the minimum safety standards for road worthiness on the date the certificate was issued.

You’ll need to get one if you are transferring a used vehicle to a new owner (unless the new owner is your spouse), or are registering a vehicle in Ontario that was bought in or came from another province, territory, or country.

To get a certificate, your vehicle must first pass an inspection at an inspection station, licensed by the Ministry of Transportation. Here’s where Hansma Automotive can help! Contact us today to book a safety check for your vehicle.


Where to Register a Car in Waterloo

There is one Service Ontario location at which you can register a car: 105 Lexington Road.

If you’re able to venture down into Kitchener, you can also get it done at 1151 Victoria Street North and 30 Duke Street West.


Need To Register a Car, Waterloo?
Trust Hansma Automotive To Make Sure It’s Ready to Roll!

When purchasing a used car, you should visit a mechanic to get some general maintenance to ensure everything is up to date. If you are unsure what repairs - if any - your "new to you" vehicle needs, simply take it to a professional and have them check it out.

A routine tune up and safety check is probably in order (or mandatory), and it's also a good idea to get the tires and brakes looked at. You may also want to consider rust proofing. Hansma Automotive can also quickly and economically change your oil for you; book an appointment for your next scheduled oil change, or to have any of the above maintenance performed.


Consult your owner's manual, but if you are unsure what the proper routine maintenance is for your vehicle

Book an appointment with Hansma Automotive and we would be happy to inform you what’s required for your make and model of car. 

A properly maintained used car will last years longer, and drive thousands of kilometres farther. If you're concerned about dropping more cash after already purchasing the vehicle, know that as a Tech-Net professional auto repair facility, Hansma Automotive is committed to serving you, our customer, with professional auto service repair at a reasonable cost. 

What Hansma customers are saying:

"Great service is providing the service that you need. If you have an older vehicle you can not only count on Pete and his mechanics to help you get the most out of it but to also inform you as to when it's no longer worth repairing. Where other mechanics might be tempted to keep on recommending (expensive) repairs Pete listens to your particular situation and performs a cost/benefit analysis with every repair. Recently, Pete told me that it was no longer worth fixing up my 20 year old vehicle. I now have a newer vehicle which means that I'll be seeing less of of him and his team. Pete's honesty and integrity are representative of the highest professional standards and I am happy to recommend Hansma Automotive." - Greg

We also offer a shuttle service so you can get back to where you need to be as we work on your car.