Car Suspension: How Do I Know If It Is Broken?

Your vehicle's suspension system is one of the most important components to good performance and handling. A worn out suspension system can drastically effect the ride comfort and handling of your vehicle, sometimes to the point where it becomes dangerous to drive! For more information about suspension, or to get your suspension inspected/repaired, contact us today.

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What is My Suspension Responsible For?

Your suspension's job if fourfold: to provide maximum grip between the tires and the road, to provide stability while turning, to improve vehicle handling and to improve passenger comfort.

In time a worn out suspension will fail in some or even all of these areas. If your suspension is worn out to the point that your tires start to lose grip with the road, driving can become very dangerous as it is possible to lose control of your vehicle unexpectedly. 

What are Some Symptoms of a Worn Out Suspension?

There are several tells of a worn out suspension system:

  • Vehicle is riding lower
  • Tire shaking or vibrations after hitting a bump
  • Suspension bottoming out over bumps
  • A bouncy ride
  • Vehicle body sway or rocking while cornering or driving in strong winds
  • Nose dips while hard braking
  • Fluid leaking from a strut or shock

How Often Should I Get My Suspension Replaced?

It is recommended that you get the shocks and struts replaced on your suspension after every 80,000 km of average driving. Springs should be diagnosed when shocks and struts are changed. If you frequently drive on rough and bumpy roads, then consider getting your suspension checked every 50,000 km.

Hansma Automotive is an automotive specialist with decades of experience, and is able to fully diagnose and repair your suspension system. Contact us today to book an appointment.

Posted on December 4, 2014 .