Maximize Fuel Efficiency - How Can I Achieve the Best Possible Fuel Consumption?

In today's world of skyrocketing fuel costs, many people are looking for ways to save fuel costs. As fuel costs will inevitably continue to rise, these tips will be relevant today, and into the future. If looked at individually, the following tips will not yield massive results, but joined together they can make a noticeable difference in your fuel consumption. Read on to learn more.

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1. Keep Vehicle Well Maintained

Proper vehicle maintenance ensures that your vehicle is in the best possible condition. This is absolutely essential when it comes to fuel consumption. Things such as a dirty air filter, or faulty spark plugs can have large impacts on fuel consumption (up to 20% increase in fuel consumption).

2. Keep Tires Inflated 

Your tires should always be kept with the air pressure to the recommended level. Flatter tires mean that your vehicle has to work harder to turn the tire - with every single turn. 

3. Optimize Trips

Pickup groceries or other errands on the way home from work/commutes. This will save you both the mileage from having to go back into town, and also the time.

4. Lighten Vehicle Weight

It is estimated that every 250 pounds your vehicle carries increases your fuel consumption by 1 mile per gallon (via Bankrate). Don't carry around unnecessary weight.

5. Use Cruise Control

Keeping your speed at a consistent and moderate rate is the best way to conserve fuel over the length of a commute, and cruise control is the best way to achieve this. When on the highway, set your vehicle's speed to around 100 kph, and then set the cruise. Consistently floating between 90-120 kph is extremely bad for fuel consumption.

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Posted on June 11, 2014 .