Ontario License Plate Renewal - Kitchener Ontario

Renewing your license plate annually is the law in Ontario. Hansma Automotive strongly encourages that all drivers follow all Ontario driving rules and regulations, including license plate renewal. For information on the Ontario Drive Clean test, click here.  Read on to learn more about renewing your license plate

Should I Renew for 1 or 2 Years?

2 years costs twice as much as 1 year with no discount. That said, you will have to go through the hassle of renewing your licence every single year. So if you are planning on driving your vehicle for at least another 2 years (or using your license plate on a new vehicle in a year's time) then it makes sense to renew your licence for 2 years.

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When Does the Sticker Actually Expire?

Typically the stickers always expire on the date of your birthday. For example, in the picture it says "Sep 15" on the sticker, and your birthday is September 25th this will mean that the license plate expires on September 25th, 2015. Before this time a new sticker must be purchased, either at a service center or online.


Where is the Closest Spot to Renew?

From Hansma Automotive, the closest Service Ontario Center is at Unit 2A, 30 Manitou Drive - just a few minutes away. It is also shown on the map to the right. 

Several other close locations are:

  • 30 Duke Street West, Kitchener
  • 1151 Victoria Street North, Kitchener
  • 1400 Weber Street East, Kitchener
  • 105 Lexington Road, Waterloo
  • 561 Hespeler Road, Cambridge

Click here to conduct your own search for a Service Ontario center on Ontario's website.

Apply Sticker to License Plate

Once you have received your new renewal sticker, place it on your license plate immediately. The sticker should go in the top right corner (as shown above). Prior stickers do not need to be removed, you can simply place the sticker over the old one.

Posted on August 27, 2014 .