Does your vehicle require repairs? Is your car making rattling, screeching, squeaking or other noises?

Vehicle repairs are often something put off for as long as possible, as sending a car to the shop can be inconvenient. In some cases bringing in a vehicle can even force missed days of work (if that is the case, our complimentary shuttle service may work great for you). Hansma Automotive is a specialist in detecting and diagnosing vehicle repairs, as well as providing timely and scheduled maintenance of critical vehicle components. 

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Strange Noises and Smells?

Strange noises and smells are often the clearest indicator that something is wrong. If you detect a new sound and/or smell when you are driving, your vehicle should be taken in for inspection immediately. Some sounds and smells indicate minor problems that only need to be tweaked. Others represent critical errors that can cause serious damage and continued driving could cause serious damage to your vehicle.

Click here for more information on the exact sounds your vehicle makes the problems they might represent.

Can't Remember that Last Time it Was in for Repairs/Tuneup

Regular maintenance is key to maintaining a healthy vehicle that will last for decades. If you cannot remember that last time your vehicle was in for a tuneup/checkup, then you should book an appointment today. Scheduled maintenance checks are essential for catching potential problems before they develop into serious issues. 

Hansma Automotive - Repair Specialists

Hansma Automotive is located in Kitchener, Ontario and specializes in the maintenance, repair and detailing of consumer vehicles. Contact is today, or use our online form to book an appointment today.

Posted on August 4, 2014 .