Car Making A Squealing Noise

Make an appointment with Hansma Automotive if your car makes a squealing noise similar to any of those listed below. Any unusual noise is an indication that something may be wrong with your vehicle. The following are some of the possible warning noises you may encounter.


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Squealing When Turning

If your vehicle is squealing when you are turning, you may be low on power steering fluid. This can be fixed by simply checking your power steering fluid level using the dipstick provided in the reservoir, and topping up if required. However, if either the reservoir or lines are leaking, fixing it is a job for professionals. Call Hansma Automotive for an appointment and we will diagnosis and repair your problem, whatever it might be.

Squealing When Braking

A squealing noise when you brake may be an indication that your vehicle requires new brake pads or rotors. Over time, friction will create a smooth glassy finish on the brake rotors. This problem requires that the rotors be cleaned on a lathe or possibly even replaced. Our team of professionals have years of experience with brake rotors and are always happy to assist you.

Squealing When Reversing 

If your vehicle is squealing when you are reversing, there may be brake or transmission issues. If the noise continues when you brake you may require a transmission repair. However, if the squealing stops when you press the brake pedal, it may simply be the "squealer," which is intended to warn you when your brake pads are worn out and are in need of replacement. We are brake specialists and can quickly and efficiently repair this problem.

Squealing When Driving In A Straight Line

If your vehicle is making a squealing or some other unusual noise when you are driving in a straight line, it may be a sign that there is something wrong with the wheel bearings or tires. A quick tire inspection may show that your tires are damaged and are in need of replacement. Your safety is our concern so contact us immediately if you are experiencing abnormal noises.

Squealing When Idling

If a car is squealing when it is idling it may well be that you have a problem with one of the belts that are under the hood. It could also be a problem with the bearings in the belt pulleys or tensioner arm.  Bring your vehicle to a licensed repair shop as soon as possible and have it checked out. We have decades of experience in the Kitchener - Waterloo region, stretching back to 1987.

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Posted on April 7, 2015 .