Diesel Mechanic - Why It Is Important To Have One For Your Car

Diesel motors work on different principles than gas-powered engines. Higher combustion rates, more modern technology, glow plugs instead of spark plugs and longer life are some key differences that make it appropriate to have a qualified diesel mechanic looking after your vehicle.


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If you have a diesel car, it makes sense to have a reliable diesel mechanic to maintain and repair it. Below, we list some of the key ways in which diesel motors are different from gas-powered vehicles. Hansma automotive has qualified mechanics that, in most cases, can repair your diesel vehicle in a few hours. 

1. Diesel engines do not have spark plugs

Gas-powered vehicles have spark plugs to ignite the fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. Diesel engines do not use spark plugs. The inventor of the diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel, understood from the laws of thermodynamics that if he could compress the air-fuel mixture sufficiently, it would ignite. Mr. Diesel's original patent allowed for engine compression to reach 5 times as much as a gas engine! That's a huge difference.

2. Diesel Engines Have Unique "Glow Plugs"

Many modern diesel vehicles have glow plugs which help to warm the engine when the weather is colder, helping it to start quickly and efficiently. However, these plugs do not provide a spark as spark plugs do.

3. Diesel engines are more technologically advanced.

Repairing a diesel engine requires special skills and know-how, as they are more technologically advanced than gas-powered engines. At Hansma, our mechanics are qualified technicians with high ethical standards. Furthermore, we are a Tech-Net professional auto repair facility with the equipment required to repair your vehicle to the highest standards.

Photo courtesy of  IFCAR

Photo courtesy of IFCAR


"I have been taking my vehicles to Hansma's for over 20 years. Pete has always given good advice, hasn't done unnecessary repairs. They do quick work and if something needs correcting, they are quick to do so." -Doug

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4. Diesel Engines are More Economical

Gasoline is not as dense a fuel as diesel. Because of this difference, diesel requires less fuel to produce the same amount of energy. Simply put, the combustion process for diesel fuel is much more efficient than that of gasoline. Book an appointment with us to ensure your vehicle achieves maximum fuel economy.

5. Diesel Engines Last Longer

Generally speaking, a well-maintained diesel motor will last much longer than a gas-powered engine. Many diesel vehicles will last 800,000 kilometres or more! This means that a diesel-powered car holds its value and is a better long-term investment than a gas-powered vehicle. 


Specialized knowledge of diesel engines are required when doing repairs, and we have that knowledge at Hansma. Bring your diesel vehicle to our state of the art facility at 88 Shoemaker Drive in Kitchener. We proudly serve customers from the Kitchener-Waterloo region including many from New Hamburg, New Dundee, Mannheim, St.Agatha, and Petersburg and the surrounding areas.


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Posted on August 10, 2015 .