Automotive Repair - Step By Step

Did you ever wonder what the step by step process might be for automotive repair? Many first-time car owners wonder just that. In the article we will follow a fictional customer named Fred as he makes his way through the normal process of a car repair at Hansma Automotive from beginning to end. Contact us at Hansma if you require automotive repair.


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One day while driving, Fred became aware of a grinding noise when applying pressure to his brakes. He wisely decided that it was worth looking into the problem with a reputable auto mechanic. Finding a reliable automotive repair shop can be difficult. From our years of experience and host of testimonials, you know you can trust us. Call us and book an appointment

Discuss Problem

Fred called Hansma and quickly booked an appointment. When Fred arrived at the repair shop, he made sure that he explained the problem with his vehicle in detail. At Hansma, we will take the time to listen and discuss your problem so that we fully understand your concerns.

Put Car on Jack

The auto mechanic then raised Fred's car on the hoist. It is common practice to put your vehicle on our hoist so that we can raise and lower your vehicle in order to better view its component parts.

Diagnose the Problem

When the mechanic diagnosed the issue he explained it to Fred. Hansma believes that correctly diagnosing the problem is the key to a quick and effective repair that is right the first time is to use the right equipment. That is why we are a Tech-Net Professional auto repair facility. Fred then made the decision to fix the problem.

Fix The Problem

Fred was then able to relax knowing that both he and the mechanic understood the problem and how it would be repaired. Our team of experts will fix your car using CARQUEST auto parts that are guaranteed from coast to coast. 

Test Drive Car

When the mechanic finished, he took Fred's car for a test drive. It is a common practice to take the customer's vehicle out for a test drive after a repair. This ensures that the vehicle is functioning as it should.

Perform Safety Check

Fred's car did not require a safety certificate, but if that was the case, Hansma can do so. As a government authorized inspection station we can issue the necessary paperwork.

Return the Car to Customer

Fred was delighted with the attention that his car received, and that the repair was completed in under two hours. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority so our goal is to complete the necessary repairs and return the vehicle to the owner as quickly as possible. 

"Great service is providing the service that you need. If you have an older vehicle you can not only count on Pete and his mechanics to help you get the most out of it, but to also inform you as to when it's no longer worth repairing. Where other mechanics might be tempted to keep on recommending (expensive) repairs, Pete listens to your particular situation and performs a cost/benefit analysis with every repair. Recently Pete told me that it was no longer worth fixing up my 20-year-old vehicle. I now have a newer vehicle which means that I'll be seeing less of him and his team. Pete's honesty and integrity are representative of the highest professional standards and I am happy to recommend Hansma Automotive." Greg

If you are looking for a car repair, oil change or car detailing facility consider Hansma Automotive. At our state of the art repair facility, we can take care of all of your vehicle's needs, usually in a day or less, and provide you with a free shuttle service while you wait. Book an appointment with us now.

Posted on October 4, 2015 .