Overview of Braking System

Since your brakes are such an important part of your vehicle's safety performance, we decided to put together an overview of our existing brakes posts and articles in one post. If it is time to check your braking system, come to the professionals at Hansma Automotive.

What To Do When The ABS Light is On?

This post is divided into 5 sections. They include What is ABS; ComponentsWhat Does It Mean If The ABS Light Stays On?; What To Do If Your ABS System Is Not Working; and Hansma's Professional Approach. You can find the post at My ABS Light Is On - What Should I Do?. The post clearly explains how the ABS brakes system works, its major components, and how they are critical to your driving safety. It also contains a helpful video which further explains the ABS Brake Systems. The key point to remember is if your ABS light comes on, you shouldn't ignore it. Come to a trusted, certified professional to have it diagnosed immediately.

How To Know If Your Brake Master Cylinder Is Failing

The post is separated into 4 major sections plus a schematic drawing of the brake master cylinder and a helpful video for those who like to diagnose their own brake problems. The sections are titled The Brake Master Cylinder - Definition; Brake Master Cylinder Failure; How To Know If Your Master Cylinder Is Faulty; and Why Choose Hansma Automotive. The article points out the clues that will tell you if your brake master cylinder is failing which could include a soft, mushy brake pedal, dirty brake fluid, or that the check engine light is on.

Brake Repairs

Hansma's website includes a comprehensive page on brakes and repairs. It is sub-sectioned into three parts including Brake Repairs; Calliper Replacement; and Brake Safety Checks. Each section has a link you can click to learn more about this crucial topic. The main and very important point which this page tries to reinforce is that brake failure does not have to occur - it is preventable and Hansma automotive can help you prevent it.

Posted on December 19, 2016 .