How To Know If Your Car Transmission Needs Repair or Replacement

In this post, we talk chiefly about transmission issues that may prevent your vehicle from running properly. Specifically, we will help you understand your transmission's role in your car and signs that it may require repair. These may include any of the problems listed below, such as gear shifting problems, grinding and shimmying, whines, transmission leaks, dirty transmission fluid and burning smells.  If your car is not running properly, book an appointment  for professional help with Hansma Automotive in Kitchener.


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If you drive your vehicle for a long time, or if it is well into its life span, you may run into transmission problems. Below we attempt to address some of the warning signs you may encounter. Always contact a professional automotive repair shop if you suspect transmission issues.

Gear Shifting Problems

Don't ignore gear shifting problems as they are a big clue that all is not well with your transmission. If your car displays any of the following symptoms, have it checked out immediately. Common gear shifting problems include unusual jerking between gears, slipping out of gear, shifting when unnecessary, and hesitation when changing gear.

Grinding and Shimmying

Manual and automatic transmissions behave a little differently when the clutch is wearing out. While a manual or stick transmission with tend to grind when attempting to shift gears, an automatic will appear to wiggle, shake, or jar when struggling to shift gears. 

Whines and Other Unusual Noises

When your transmission is beginning to wear out, you will almost certainly hear some unusual noises. Perhaps the most common is that you will hear a whining noise. Other noises reported are "buzzing" and "humming" noises. If you hear an unusual noise, whatever it might be, it is recommended that you find a dependable team of automotive technicians who know how to both diagnose and repair the problem.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

It is always a good idea to check under your vehicle from time to time for leaks. If your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, don't take any chances. Book an appointment with a reliable auto service shop as soon as possible. Remember to check your transmission fluid regularly to ensure that it is topped up. If you are unsure how to do this, check out this video

Burning Smells

If you notice a burning smell from your transmission, be concerned. The main role of transmission fluid is to keep your transmission running smoothly and keeping the heat down. When your transmission fluid begins to break down, your transmission is no longer suitably protected and internal damage to your transmission parts is inevitable. The longer you wait to deal with this, the more damage you will cause to the transmission. Having a reliable auto repair shop that will take care of your vehicle's maintenance will reduce this risk.

Transmission Fluid That is Dirty

Dirty fluid is a sure sign that your transmission is past its replacement date. Normal transmission fluid is clear and red in colour. However, as time passes it absorbs dirt and tiny metallic parts, changing its colour to a dirty brown and developing a burnt smell. Have your transmission fluid levels and quality checked regularly and don't skip recommended transmission flushes. They will prolong the life of your transmission and are a lot less expensive than transmission repairs. Diagnosing and fixing transmission problems usually takes a few hours or less.

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Posted on March 21, 2016 .