What Do The Numbers On Tires Mean? Tire Sizes Explained

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Have you ever wondered, "What do the numbers on tires mean?" In this post, you will find these mysterious alphanumeric codes explained. If you still have questions about the best tires for your vehicle after reading, talk to a professional at a repair shop you can trust. The knowledgeable staff at Hansma Automotive can effectively address any of your concerns.

What Do The Numbers On Tires Mean? Tire Sizes Explained

It is quite easy to understand the series of numbers and letters on your tires once you know what everything means. The alphanumeric code provides you with important information about the tire's type, size, and performance.

Type of Tire

The letter "P" at the beginning of the alphanumeric code on the sidewall of the tire denotes that this tire's class is "Passenger" - intended for passenger vehicles.

The letters "LT" found either at the beginning or the end of the tire size mean that the tire is meant for “light trucks.” If no letter is present, then it means that it is a European metric tire.

European metric tires are generally designed to have a higher load capacity than "P" metric tires. However, their sizes are similar. Therefore, a P195 tire could be replaced by a 195 because they are very close in size and the 195 has a greater load carrying capacity.

Tire Width

The next three-digit number tells you the tire's size in millimetres. In the picture below, the tire would be 215 mm wide measured from sidewall to sidewall.

Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Aspect Ratio

The next number found in the series after the slash gives the tire's aspect ratio. This is the ratio of the height of the tire's cross-section to its width. In other words, the height of the above tire's sidewall is 65% of its width.

Tire Construction

The "R" means that the above tire has a radial tire construction. Radial means that the tire was made up of layers which run "radially" across the width of the tire.

Wheel Diameter

The final number in this code denotes the diameter of the wheel's rim, which the tire is designed to fit. It is measured in inches from one end of the rim to the other. Therefore, the above tire was meant to fit on 15 inch rims.

Load Index

The load index refers to the maximum load that a tire can safely carry when it is properly inflated. Most passenger vehicles have a load index between 75 and 105. It is important to keep the proper load index when replacing your tires. If you need advice or help to install new tires, contact us.

Speed Symbol

The speed symbol gives the speed rating of the tire. They range from "A" (the lowest) to "Y" (the highest). The ratings are not, however, in perfect alphabetical order. For example "H" comes between "U" and "V," perhaps because at one time "H" stood for high performance.

Typically the higher the speed rating, the better the grip on the road and the more effective the stopping capabilities. However, this also means that its tread life is reduced. For more information on speed ratings, click here.

Here’s a handy video that explains all of the above:

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