Top 5 Apps For A Car Owner

From the myriad of mobile applications on the market, we've selected the top 5 Apps that every car owner should consider using. With so many choices available, it may be daunting to know which apps would best suit your driving needs. We've reviewed a cross-section of navigational aids, dashboard cameras, engine diagnostics, and even apps that will help you save money; and put together our top 5 picks. Contact us if you are a car owner looking for a reliable auto repair facility.

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Top 5 Car Owner Apps

1.  TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

This app gets you to your destination faster by combining TomTom navigation technology with accurate real-time traffic information with no need for an Internet connection. It will help you avoid delays by showing you precisely where they begin and end. It alerts you for safety cameras and gives you timely speed warnings. TomTom comes with a choice of downloadable detailed maps of most countries including Canada and the USA. It costs around $120, but it is well worth it.  Click here to go directly to the Google Play store to download.

2. Carcorder

At only $1.99, this dashcam app is a great buy. Not only can it take amazing footage while you drive, but it will also provide you with recorded evidence in case you are in an accident. In addition, it also includes GPS, routing, and over speed warnings. Click here to purchase your own copy at iTunes.


3. Dashdroid

We all know that we are not supposed to use our cell phones while driving, but when you just can't resist the urge, here's a app that will make it safer and less distracting. The uncluttered interface helps you concentrate on driving instead of trying to fumble for the right button on your cellphone. With the use of voice commands, this app allows you to make a call or text without removing your hands from the steering wheel. It also displays your current speed, time of day, and weather. And if you are not totally sold yet, you will be when you find out that it is also free. Click here to take advantage of this great deal.

4. GasBuddy

 If you are interested in saving as much as possible on gas, then GasBuddy is the app for you. No matter where you are in Canada or the USA, GasBuddy will show you the cheapest gas price nearest to you. Simply enter your current location, city or postal/zip code and GasBuddy will show you exactly where the best gas prices are. And to top it all off, it's free. Click here for a choice to download from either the App store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, or Blackberry.

5. Automatic

Automatic will monitor your driving habits and suggest ways that you can improve on gas mileage. It includes free emergency help when you are in a crash, and will also remind you of where you parked.  A separate car adapter, costing $99, allows you to plug into your car's computer and it will let you know the cause of your engine light coming on. It will tell you if you require a simple do-it-yourself fix such as tightening a loose gas cap or if you require a more complicated repair. If you are looking for a trusted, reliable mechanic, contact us.


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Posted on April 11, 2016 .