The Ultimate Fuel Economy Improvement Guide - Chapter 1: Why Is Fuel Economy Important?

Many people are concerned about fuel economy these days and not only because it can save you a lot of money. In addition, it is good for the environment, it reduces oil dependence costs, increases energy sustainability, and can drive job growth.  Fuel economy is particularly important in places that are cold like Canada. It can help to offset the poorer mileage that accompanies the colder weather.  In this post, we will further explain the benefits of fuel economy for yourself and the world we live in. If you are concerned that your vehicle is not as fuel efficient as it could be, talk to the professionals at Hansma Automotive about ways that you could reduce your fuel consumption.

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What Is Fuel Economy?

Fuel economy is defined as the distance a vehicle can cover using one tank of gas. In Canada and other metric countries, fuel economy is calculated in kilometres per litre and in non-metric countries, it is calculated in miles per gallon.

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5 Reasons Fuel Economy Is Important:

1.  It Saves You Money

Simply put, the more fuel you need to put into your vehicle, the more it will cost you to run. A more fuel efficient car will take less fuel to cover the same distance as a less fuel efficient one. You can save as much as $1,000 per year, or sometimes even more, on fuel costs by choosing the most efficient vehicle that meets your personal needs. Click here to calculate the actual savings you can have.

2.  It Is Good For The Environment

As your vehicle burns gasoline, it emits greenhouse gases, mostly in the form of carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. These gases are one of the main contributors to global climate change. The US Department of Energy estimates that a typical vehicle can produce 6 to 9 tons of greenhouse gas in one year. Reducing the amount of fuel that your vehicle uses in one year can help to reduce the crippling effect that these gases are having on our climate.

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3.  It Reduces Oil Dependence Costs

According to the US Department of Energy the more oil that we use, the more dependent we are on other oil producing nations. Most of the world's oil reserves are located in the Middle East and are controlled by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). In the past price manipulation by OPEC has negatively affected our economy. Less dependence on oil will mean that we can reduce the market control and economic impact of OPEC.

4. It Increases Energy Sustainability

Oil is a non-renewable resource; we do not have an unlimited supply. One day it will be gone. Fuel economy will help stretch out our current stores and give researchers and developers more time to discover and develop alternative and more sustainable energy sources.

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5.  It Drives Job Growth

According to GreenBiz the demand for greater fuel economy has and will continue to force automakers to develop more economical vehicles. Higher fuel efficiency vehicles are driving the sales growth in the auto industry. This increase in demand means that there is a need to develop and produce even more fuel efficient models.  Over the past number of years, Ford alone has doubled the number of workers developing hybrid and electrical vehicles.

Upcoming Chapters

In the upcoming chapters we will suggest 8 ways that you can change your driving habits as well as 6 maintenance ideas to improve your fuel economy. We will also highlight the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the market today.

The Hansma Commitment

Hansma Automotive is committed to helping our customers achieve the best fuel economy possible. Read our post for tips on how you can improve your fuel efficiency or come in and see us today at 88 Shoemaker St. in Kitchener, Ontario. One of our trained staff can discuss with you how you can get the best mileage from your vehicle, which will save you money while also helping to protect the environment.

Why Is Fuel Economy So Important?
Why Is Fuel Economy Important?
Why Fuel Efficient Cars Are Better For The Economy And The Earth
Why Is Fuel Economy Important?

Posted on February 12, 2017 .