7 Signs It's Time to Replace Windshield Wipers

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7 Signs It's Time to Replace Windshield Wipers


1. You Notice Bent Frames

If the frame of the windshield wiper blade is bent, it won’t come into contact with your windshield properly. As a result, the wipers won’t effectively clear your windshield!

The frame can become bent for any number of reasons. Clearing ice off your windshield in winter can do it, for example, as can some car washes.

Even a slight bend will reduce the wiper’s efficacy, so don’t wait until it gets even worse before replacing.


2. You Have a Streaky Windshield

Imagine you’re driving down the highway and you need to turn on your wipers. Instead of the open road ahead, all you see are ugly streaks, or a film stuck to the windshield. Not only is that annoying, it’s also unsafe.

Streaks are a clear sign you need to replace windshield wipers. Sometimes wiping the blades with a paper towel will clear up this issue, but if it keeps happening, you know what to do.

Streaks are a major sign it’s time to replace windshield wipers.

Streaks are a major sign it’s time to replace windshield wipers.


3. You See a Gap Between Wiper and Windshield

When it’s really raining or snowing, and the wipers aren’t coming into contact with some or all of the winsdhield, it will be very apparent that a replacement is in order, and quick!

Most likely they’ve pulled up from the windshield because of old rubber (see below) or because of a bent frame (see above), and they simply aren’t doing their job anymore.


4. There’s a Change in Seasons

Did you know that there are actually winter blades and summer blades, both designed to keep your windshield clear in different conditions?

We agree with Kal Tire’s suggestion: “To help keep your windshield clear and your wiper blades working at optimum performance, you should have winter wiper blades installed when you have your winter tires put on, and do the same with a new set of summer wiper blades when you have your summer tires installed in the spring.”

Change your wipers whenever you switch your tires!

Change your wipers whenever you switch your tires!


5. You Hear Noisy Windshield Wipers

It can be very annoying when you’re driving down the road and your wipers are either squeaking or grinding across the windshield.

As the following video shows, you can try cleaning them, but ultimately the best decision is to replace the windshield wipers.


6. You Identify Damaged Rubber

From time to time, examine your windshield wipers and pay close attention to the rubber. Is it smooth, or is it cracked, split, or even missing in some places?

If you see any flaws in the rubber, that means it’s time for new blades. Even if the rubber is all there and smooth, a rounded form still means it’s gotten old and you should replace it.


7. There is a Damaged Blade

The effects of a damaged windshield wiper blade should not be ignored.

“Windshields need to be impeccably clean to provide you with an unobstructed view of the road; wiper blades play an important role in doing so,” according to the Windshield Experts.

“Wiper blades are in the forefront for defense against many elements such as the sun, vehicle waxes and oils, salt, moisture airborne debris, and extreme temperatures. Such elements can have severe effects on the wiper blades that can affect the windshield. As a result, wiper blades tend to squeak, chatter, skip, smear or streak, thus reducing driving visibility.”

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, it’s worth getting someone to replace your windshield wipers.

Damaged blades can even scratch your windshield.

Damaged blades can even scratch your windshield.


Need Help to Replace Windshield Wipers? Trust Hansma Automotive!

An old set of windshield wipers can be extremely frustrating to drive with. Luckily, swapping old wipers for a brand new pair takes only a few minutes and dollars.

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Posted on August 12, 2019 .