Air Quality of Vehicle Interior: MIST - In Car Air Quality Service

The average North American driver spends over one hour per day in their vehicle. Air from the air conditioner (versus from an open window) is what the driver and passengers are breathing for the vast majority of most commutes. Knowing this, the Georgia State University performed a study titled "Fungal Colonization of Automobile Air Conditioning Systems". To summarize their findings: "All automobiles in this study yielded fungi (mold) from air streams from air conditioning systems." 

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Air From Your Vehicle's Air Conditioner Does Contain Mold

Unless your vehicle is brand new, it assuredly has had some sort of mold forming inside the air conditioner unit. The air conditioner unit provides an ideal habitat for mold to form, since it is cool, damp (from condensation), and dark - the three things mold likes best to grow. 

This Air Can Be Cleaned

Regular cleaning of the air conditioner and heating unit is the simplest way to clean existing mold, and deter new mold from forming. The ventilation system should be treated with a disinfectant/cleaning solution on a somewhat regular basis. On top of regular cleaning, the MIST In-Car Air Quality Service is able to further clean the air coming into the interior of your vehicle. 

How Does MIST Work?

The MIST In-Car Air Quality Service uses extremely tiny droplets (a tenth the size of aerosol droplets) in a custom formulated solution in order to stop mold and other micro organisms from reproducing. The droplets travel down the air channels in your vehicle, entering the ventilation system. Once there, the MIST droplets kill mold and other micro-organisms, as well as prevent new ones from forming

What All is Cleaned?

The MIST In-Car Air Quality service treats the entire ventilation system of your vehicle, including:

  • Evaporator
  • Heater core
  • Air ducts
  • Passenger compartment services

For the cleanest possible air, this process should be performed every 6 months.

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Posted on June 11, 2014 .