Vehicle Paint Protection

An automobile is typically one of the largest investments made in a life. Most vehicles today are designed and manufactured to a high degree of quality control, but there is one thing outside of the manufacturers control: the health of the vehicle's paint. Paint will usually last a few years at least, but eventually (and depending on vehicle use and location), it will start chipping and peeling away. A properly protected coat of paint can go a long way towards stopping rust, and protecting your vehicle's body from deterioration. 


Why is Paint so Important?

Paint is obviously important for the visual appeal of  your vehicle, but it is also essential in stopping rust formation. Rust needs three things to form: an anode, cathode, and electrolyte. The metal in your car's body acts as both the anode and the cathode, and water will act as an electrolyte. When a vehicle's metal and water interact, rust will form eventually.

Pure water isn't a terribly good electrolyte, so if you live in a dry climate that is free from ice and snow, you can expect your vehicle's paint job to last a long time. Here in Canada that is not usually the case. Salt is used every winter to de-ice the roads and sidewalks, and saltwater is an extremely good electrolyte. As such, driving on  Canadian roads will leave your car susceptible to rust. Paint protection can stop this.


Which Paint Should be Protected?

Every bit of paint on a vehicle should be protected, since it will all wear down over time due to climate and conditions. This is doubly true in winter months where salt and sand is used on the roads and highways. For best results, it is recommended that paint is protected once per season.


Paint Protection With Hansma Automotive

Hansma specializes in all areas of vehicle repair and detailing. We use several different processes to keep you vehicle not only rust free, but looking gorgeous. Our team of vehicle detailing specialists take pride in their work , and want to make sure your vehicle not only runs amazingly, but looks amazing.

Some of the vehicle detailing services we offer:


Auto Detailing Specialists 

Hansma Automotive is highly experienced in all things auto detailing and repair. Steve Lipski is our vehicle detailing professional, to read more about him visit our staff page. Our experts take the extra time to hand wash and wax your vehicle, as well as apply a variety is products and procedures, such as those from Hutton's and Meguiar's to keep your paint protected. Click here to contact us today!