Honda Civic Common Problems

All vehicles, including the Honda Civic, are prone to experiencing a number of common problems. We have listed below some of the most common issues and complaints owners of Honda Civics may experience throughout their car's lifetime. Bring your vehicle to  Hansma Automotive if you are facing any of these common problems. Contact us today if you appreciate superior customer service.


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2006 Honda Civic

The most common issue with the 2006 Honda Civic has been a tendency to develop a cracked engine block. In most cases, this has required a replacement engine as a cracked engine block is a serious repair. Another less serious problem is the sun visor coming apart. While a minor repair, driving without a sun visor can be dangerous. Our team of experts are skilled at engine and visor replacements so don't hesitate to book an appointment if you are having problems with your Honda Civic.

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2007 Honda Civic

The 2007 Honda Civic model has had problems with excessive and uneven tire wear. This has proven to be mostly due to bad control arms in the rear of the vehicle. The solution involves replacing the control arms and frequently, and the tires as well. Another common problem for the 2007 model has been cracked and peeling paint, requiring a new paint job. At Hansma Automotive, we are a Tech-Net professional auto repair facility and use CARQUEST auto parts, which are guaranteed from coast to coast. 

2008 Honda Civic

Owners of the 2008 model have experienced similar problems to earlier years with cracked engine blocks, peeling paint, and defective sun visors frequently being reported. However, this model year has also had problems with premature brake wear, requiring new brake pads and rotors as well.

2012 Honda Civic

Overall, the 2012 Honda Civic has had few complaints, with uncomfortable seats being the most common. However, there have been reports of interior displays going blank while in operation. Book an appointment with Hansma Automotive for peace of mind if you are experiencing any electrical problems.

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Honda Civic Problems


Posted on November 7, 2015 .