Dodge Caravan/Grand Caravan Common Problems

Like most vehicles, the Dodge Caravan is prone to experiencing a number of common problems. In the Kitchener - Waterloo region, consider Hansma Automotive if you need to repair your Dodge Caravan. Listed below are some of the most common problems that your vehicle may experience. They include defective interiors on the 2005 model, brake failures and A/C issues on the 2008 model, and engine stalls on the 2010 model.  Contact us today if you appreciate superior customer service.


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Defective Interior Accessories

The 2005 Dodge Caravan is renowned for its interior accessory problems, the most common of which are power door lock failures. Sometimes the solution is as simple as unhooking the negative battery cable for a few moments.  Another solution is to remove and replace the 20 amp fuse. If neither of these solutions are effective, take it to a professional. Our team of professional auto mechanics are more than capable of solving any electrical issues you may have.

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Brake Failure

The 2008 Grand Caravan has become known for premature brake failure. Most frequently, the answer has been to replace pads, calipers and even the rotors. Brake problems are not something to take lightly, so contact us if you are concerned about your vehicle's stopping ability.

A/C Breakdowns

Another common problem with the 2008 Grand Caravan lies with the A/C unit. Owners report frequent failures with repairs averaging $1000. We use the coast to coast guaranteed parts provided by CARQUEST. Get peace of mind by booking an appointment with us if you suspect your A/C unit is not working at full capacity.

Engine Stalls

Besides also suffering from the premature brake failures described above, the 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan has also suffered from engine stalls, even while the vehicle is in motion. This seems to be a problem that Dodge is struggling to solve and has now become the subject of a 2014 safety investigation. We are equipped to deal with all manner of engine problems and have built a strong reputation for our technical expertise and customer service.

Types of Vehicle Repairs We Carry Out

We pride ourselves on our ability to perform all types of  repairs to Dodge Caravans/Grand Caravans and all other makes of vehicles, usually in a few hours or less. These repairs include brakes, transmission, shocks, exhaust, steering, air conditioners, and more. Hansma Automotive is located at 88 Shoemaker Street in Kitchener. Check out our services page for a complete list of what we can do for you.


Dodge Caravan Common Problems 

Safety Investigators Looking At Dodge Caravan Engine Stalls


Posted on October 31, 2015 .