My Brake Warning Light Is On - Brake Noise

In this post, we talk about what it means and what you should do if your brake warning light comes on, or if you hear significant brake noiseContact us at Hansma Automotive if you require brake work or any other type of car repair. Most repairs can be accomplished in a few hours. For more information on brakes read our previous post about brakes entitled, "Common Brake Problems - Brake Noise, Grinding Noise When Foot Put On Pedal."


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Reasons Drivers Ignore A Brake Warning Light

Some people ignore warning lights that come on in their car, either in the hopes that it will go away, they do not want to spend the money on a repair, or they do not think it could be that important because their car is still running. Don't ignore a brake warning light, or you could find yourself in a very dangerous situation.

Most modern cars are equipped with a combination of three possible brake light warnings. Listed below are the three possibilities and what they mean.

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Parking Brake Is Engaged

This light is usually red or yellow and indicates that the parking brake is engaged. The light is not an indication that there is something wrong with the parking brake, merely a notification that it is engaged. It can be helpful if you forget to release the parking brake when you are moving off and wondering why you don't seem to have much power. It also informs the driver that the brake is functioning when you park and engage it.

The Anti-Lock Brake Light

The anti-lock braking system helps to control the car and prevent the brakes from locking up the steering during a skid. If the light comes on and stays on, it is usually an indication that something is wrong with the system. The car may be safe to drive to a repair shop, but the driver should be aware that the system will probably not function during a skid.

The Brakes Warning Light

If the brakes themselves are not functioning correctly, they trigger a red light warning on the panel. This is usually an indication that there is something significantly wrong with the braking system. Do not take chances; pull over and have the vehicle checked out immediately by a reputable auto repair shop.

There are a couple of reasons that the brake light may be on. One is that the brake fluid is low. To check this, open the hood and check the brake fluid in the reservoir near the windshield, and top up if necessary. The light should go off.

If the light remains illuminated, have the car looked at by an experienced auto repair technician. The other reason for the brake light warning is that there is a significant loss of brake pressure. This could be the result of a fluid leak somewhere in the braking system. Do not attempt to repair the car but have it safely towed to a professional auto repair facility. 

Significant Brake Noise

From time to time, your vehicle's braking system may generate noise. If the noise is significant and does not go away when driving, it is usually an indication that the vehicle requires brake repairs. We recommend that you read our post about common brake problems and noises

The Professional Touch

The lives of you and your loved ones are important to us, so don't take any chances with your braking system. Take advantage of our professional touch and contact us immediately if you have any concerns regarding your braking system. Ask us about our free shuttle service. We are located at 88 Shoemaker Street in Kitchener and can usually repair your vehicle in a few hours or less.


What Causes The Brake Warning Light To Come On?

Brake Warning Light

What Do The Brake Warning Lights Mean In My Car?

Posted on December 5, 2015 .