Why Does My Car Shake? Top Reasons Your Car is Vibrating, Pulling To One Side, Either The Right Or The Left

It is not unusual to find your car is shaking. Read below as we examine the top reasons that your vehicle might be vibrating, or pulling to either the right or left. If you are experiencing one of these problems, it is important that you find an auto repair shop that you can trust like Hansma Automotive.


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Alignment Versus Tire Balancing

Vibrating or shaking while driving is often considered to be an indication that you need a front end alignment, but this is not necessarily the case. The main purpose of an alignment is to make sure that your tires are facing the same direction. If they are out of alignment the car may pull in one direction or the other but will not necessarily shake.

If your tires are improperly balanced they can cause a serious shake or vibration when driving. Tires should be balanced every 8000 to 12000 kilometers or so in order to prevent this from happening. Many owners will have their technician balance the tires when they are rotated. If your car requires an alignment or you need your tires balanced, contact us at Hansma Automotive.

Worn CV Joints Can Cause Car Vibration

CV joints, or constant velocity joints, can become worn if the rubber housing that surrounds them becomes damaged. A damaged housing allows water, dirt and other road debris to damage the joints themselves, thus causing the vibration. See a qualified technician if you suspect that this might be the problem.

Low Tire Pressure

Excessively low tire pressure can also be the culprit when your car is vibrating or shaking. Take the time to check your tire pressure every once in a while. Either purchase a tire pressure gauge and check your tire pressure in the comfort of your own driveway or get in the habit of using the tire pressure gauge at the gas station every few times you fill up. 

Low tire pressure can also cause the car to one side or another. Moreover, this will cause the tires to wear unevenly, shortening their effective life. Proper tire maintenance can save you time and money, so have your tires checked regularly by a tire specialist if you are unsure.

Where is Hansma Located?

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Posted on December 12, 2015 .