Car Won't Start - The Top Ten Most Common Reasons

We've all had mornings when the car won't start. In this post, we will look at the top ten most common reasons that this occurs. If you live in the Kitchener - Waterloo region, consider Hansma Automotive for your regular services and we might prevent some problems before they occur.  Contact us today if you appreciate superior customer service.


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1 Out of Gas

Yes, we know it seems obvious, but have you checked the gas gauge lately? One of the most common reasons a car fails to start is due to human error. Someone forgot to buy gas!  The good news is that if you are out of gas, you don't need an expensive repair, just a friend with a gas can prepared to help you out.

2 Ignition Switch Failure

When you place the key in the ignitions switch and turn it, you expect the car to start. However, if the switch is faulty or there is a bad connection, it may fail to perform its function. If your engine is cranking, but the dash lights won't appear, you have a problem.

3 Dead Battery

If your car fails to crank or sounds like it is dying when you turn the key you may have a dead battery. This could be the result of human error such as leaving lights on, or it may simply be that the battery is old, tired and worn out. Replacing a battery is a relatively inexpensive repair that some are prepared to do themselves. If you are unsure how to or require assistance, contact us for a battery installation.

4 Battery Clamps/Cables

You may want to check your battery clamps and cables if your car won't start. A loose or damaged cable means that your starter motor will not get the electricity it needs to start the vehicle. If you suspect your cables are old, worn or poorly connected, call a professional mechanic.



5 Alternator Issues

The alternator plays an important role in recharging your battery as power is being drained from it. If your lights have been becoming dimmer, your radio has little to no volume, or other electrical devices do not seem to be working properly it could be the fault of your alternator. 

6 Problems with Transmission

If your car is an automatic, make sure it is in park. If it is a manual, make sure that you have the clutch depressed. Either of these issues will prevent the vehicle from doing what it is intended to do. 

7 Clogged Fuel System or Injectors

A clogged fuel system or injector will prevent the engine from receiving sufficient gasoline. This, in turn, will mean that the vehicle won't start. At Hansma Automotive, we use CAR QUEST auto parts that are guaranteed from coast to coast.

8 Fuel Pump Failure

In this case, the motor will not receive any fuel at all due to the total failure of the fuel pump. The fuel pump's job is to do exactly what it says - pump fuel to the motor. Your motor will crank but not fire.

9 Faulty Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs create a spark that ignites the fuel. If your spark plugs are old and worn, or maladjusted, they will be unable to ignite the gasoline - air mixture. It is unlikely that your spark plugs will suddenly fail. More likely is that your engine runs rough for some time and you don't take any action. Preventative maintenance would stop this from happening.

10 Security System Error

With modern car keys and fobs now programmed to work with a specific car, there is the problem of "buggy" electronics. If your car won't start, it may be something as simple as a faulty battery in the fob.

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Why Won't My Car Start?

Posted on January 2, 2016 .