Screeching Sound Coming From Below Car

Book an appointment with us if you detect a screeching sound coming from below your car. Any unusual sound coming from your vehicle is a warning that it may require repair, or that there may be a potentially dangerous situation arising for you and your passengers. Hansma can fix most problems in under 2 hours.


Possible Reasons For a Screeching Sound

Besides the awful possibility that a cat may have been sleeping under the engine hood (unfortunately, this happens often), there are three main areas where a screeching noise may be coming from. All three are listed below. It may be helpful to enlist a friend or neighbour to help you determine where exactly the noises are coming from.


Steering Wheel Assembly

The most likely cause of a screeching noise coming from the steering wheel assembly is a worn, defective, or slipping belt. Other noises may include 'clicks' which may be caused by something as simple as depleted levels of power steering fluid, but often point to worn CV joints or steering column bearings. Don't hesitate to visit our facility and book an appointment to have our qualified technicians examine and repair your vehicle before the problem becomes dangerous.

Front Wheel Assembly

Worn brakes are a common cause of screeching noises emanating either from the front or rear wheels. Brake pads wear out over time, causing the bare metal on the pad assembly to come into contact with the rotor. Screeching is the result and is an indicator that you should bring your vehicle to a reputable, licensed, professional auto repair facility. Other potential problems could be damaged or loose wheel bearings, worn CV joints, or some less common brake issue.


Under The Hood

If you determine that the screeching noise is emanating from under the hood, the likely cause is a slipping belt. Belts that are found under the hood include the fan belt, timing belt, alternator (auxiliary drive belt), and the A/C belt (which will only make a noise when the A/C is turned on). If your vehicle is making any type of screeching or squealing noise, it is advisable to contact a licensed mechanic immediately.

Where is Hansma?

Hansma Automotive is located at 88 Shoemaker Street, Kitchener. Come and see your local car repair mechanic experts for superior service.


"I have been a customer of Hansma Automotive for a few years now. Pete and his crew are wonderful and really do care about you and your vehicle. They treat you with the utmost respect and always do a great job." - Cynthia P


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Posted on June 1, 2015 .