Engine Temperature Warning Light Is On

Imagine this scenario. You are driving down the highway when your engine temperature light comes on. How should you react? Is this a serious problem? If you do not know the answers to these questions, read on below to find out some of the potential causes for this occurrence.

What should you do when your engine temperature light is on?  Call us at Hansma Automotive where our team of auto mechanics are trained to provide you with an  expert diagnosis of the problem. 

There are many possible problems when your check engine light comes on. What follows are the most common.

Coolant Leak

The most likely cause of an overheating engine is a coolant leak. If your engine temperature light comes on you should stop the car immediately and wait for the engine to cool down. Check to see that your coolant is at the appropriate level on the container. If it is low, do a quick visual inspection to see if there is coolant leaking from the vehicle, either from the engine compartment or underneath the vehicle.  DO NOT OPEN THE RADIATOR CAP! Opening the radiator cap while the engine is overheated may cause hot liquid and steam to eject and burn you. Once the engine has cooled, add coolant to the recommended level if necessary.

Engine Is Temporarily Too Hot

The most obvious reason for the engine temperature light coming is, of course, is that the engine is too hot. It is possible that you may be experiencing a temporary overload of your cooling system. If there are no signs of a coolant leak, wait until the vehicle cools down, then turn off the air conditioner and turn on the heater to maximum in order to draw heat from the engine compartment. Don't take chances with your engine. If the light does not go off after a few minutes, contact a reliable auto mechanic immediately.

Gauge Is Faulty

It is possible that the gauge may simply be faulty. This can only be properly determined by a  licensed mechanic operating the appropriate diagnostic equipment.  If the vehicle does not appear to be overheating yet the light is still on, contact an expert mechanic immediately. 


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Posted on May 11, 2015 .