Engine Idles Rough - What To Do

What should you do when your engine idles rough? Book an appointment with our team of expert mechanics and we will quickly and efficiently determine the nature of the problem and make the necessary repairs.


Occasionally car engines will idle roughly, and this can be for a  number of reasons. If your engine is spluttering, coughing, vibrating or making any unusual noise, you should have it attended to immediately as these problems may be indicators of your engine's poor health.


If your engine is misfiring, it is usually because at least one or your cylinders is not burning fuel in an efficient manner, or not functioning at all. Using our state of the art equipment, Hansma can diagnose the problem and proceed with the appropriate repairs with certified CARQUEST auto parts.

Air Delivery Issues

Vehicles generally use valves to control the amount of air flow into an engine. If these valves are clogged or faulty, it may cause your engine to misfire and sound rough, diminishing its power. 

Fuel Delivery Problems

Fuel is the lifeblood of an engine, so if your engine is starved for fuel it will perform poorly. The cause may be a dirty fuel filter, a bad fuel pump, or malfunctioning injectors. Our professionally trained staff will quickly determine the problem and respond appropriately.



Spark Plugs And Electronic Problems

Spark plugs and other electronic issues (such as defective ignition control modules, coils, or wires) may cause an engine to perform poorly. We carry out a full range of diagnostic tests to determine what the issue is, and make any repairs that are required.

Hardware Malfunctions

Hardware problems relating to the timing belt or chain, camshaft, rockers, valves, gaskets or other parts will cause your engine to idle rough. Solving these issues can usually be accomplished in a few hours at our auto repair facility at 88 Shoemaker Street in Kitchener, and varies in price dependent on parts and labour costs. 

How Hansma Helps

At Hansma however, you can be confident that we will service your car reliably and honestly while still providing good old fashioned customer service. We can resolve all rough idling problems by diagnosing the problem quickly with our state of the art equipment, then making the necessary repairs.


"Great service is providing the service that you need. If you have an older vehicle you can not only count on Pete and his mechanics to help you get the most out of it but to also inform you as to when it's no longer worth repairing."Greg L.


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Posted on May 19, 2015 .