Foreign Car Repair

At Hansma Automotive, we take pride in our ability to repair any vehicle that comes through our doors. If you require foreign car repair, book an appointment with our professional staff at 88 Shoemaker Street in Kitchener. Most work can be done in a few hours and we provide a shuttle service to help you keep living your life even when your car is in the shop.



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It doesn't matter whether your car is North American built or an import, sooner or later it will require repairs. Listed below is a review of some common foreign car repairs that we can do for you.

                                    Photo courtesy of Rojer.

                                    Photo courtesy of Rojer.

Volkswagen Jetta (1990-2011)

It is widely known that Jettas have had a problem with the automatic transmission failing to shift properly in high mileage vehicles in the 175,000- 275,000km range. We have years of experience in dealing with transmission issues, and would be happy to help keep your vehicle running.

Toyota Corollas and Camrys

Both the Corolla and Camry have been popular vehicles for Toyota over the years, but both models are prone to speed control problems and excessive oil consumption. Don't take chances with your vehicle safety. Our team of professional auto repair technicians are ready to help. 

Volvo CX60 

The Volvo CX60 is an attractive crossover, but it does have a tendency to having a problem with the air conditioning fan. These fans have been known to fail causing a reduction in the efficiency of the cooling system. This can lead to further problems with the motor and eventually even engine failure. At Hansma, we can keep your air conditioning system working at full capacity.

Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai have developed a good reputation amongst North American car owners in recent years, but the Sonata has disappointed some with its poor engine dependability rating. With decades of experience in satisfying our customers at our state of the art auto repair facility, we are confident that we can deal with any issues your vehicle may have, usually in a day or less.


"These guys are good. Up to date  and well equipped to repair late model cars, yet enough experience to deal with older stuff as well." - Erv

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Posted on July 6, 2015 .