Vehicle Feels Bumpy - Suspension Repair And Other Causes

Does your vehicle provide you with a bouncy, jarring,  uncomfortable ride? A bumpy vehicle may mean that you have brake, front end, tire, transmission problems or that it is time for suspension repair. Make an appointment with Hansma Automotive, of Kitchener, Ontario, and we will solve the problem. 

What Causes A Bumpy Vehicle?

There can be a number of different culprits causing a vehicle to have an uncomfortable ride. All of them can be repaired quickly and efficiently, usually in under a day, by our team of automotive experts. We'll examine some of them below.


Over time, shock absorbers and struts will experience wear and tear, which heavily contributes to disappointing ride quality. This is because the vehicle is no longer being effectively protected from the bumps, ruts and potholes on the road. Contact us to have your suspension examined and repaired by our trustworthy team of professionals.

Front End

Various components from the front end and steering can be the cause of a poor ride. Tie rods, CV joints and axles, ball joints and the rack and pinion are all parts that can wear out and cause unexpected and unusual behaviour. At Hansma, we can replace worn out parts with high-quality CARQUEST auto parts.

Beyond Suspension, there are also a number of other causes for a bumpy ride. 


Defective or poor quality tires can produce an uncomfortable ride. If your tires are under-inflated, or out of alignment they can cause jolting and jarring. Check your tires to make sure that they are inflated to the correct pressure, have no uneven wear on the outside or inside edge; and that there are no visible bumps on the walls or tread. Hansma has years of experience dealing with tire repairs and replacement.


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We are brake repair experts, with licensed, experienced auto mechanics ready to service your vehicle. If your brake pads are worn out, they may make unusual noises when in contact with the rotors. This will cause a bumpy feel when they are in use. Brake pads are generally an inexpensive problem to fix.


Over time, the teeth in the transmission gears can become chipped, worn and stripped. This may cause the vehicle to jerk and clunk when gears are being changed. Preventative maintenance can be an important part in keeping your transmission running smoothly. Ask our staff to check your transmission fluid levels and quality.


"Been a customer at Hansma's for many years. Had a 1990 pickup that ran like a new vehicle due to the work and upkeep they gave it. Awesome service, friendly staff." -  Marian Z

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Posted on June 20, 2015 .