How Often Should You Replace A Car Water Pump?

When do you need to replace a car water pump? How long should a water pump last?  What is a water pump, and what does it do? How do I know it needs replacing? The water pump is a small, but vital component in your vehicle. To learn more about the role a water pump plays in your vehicle, read on. If you suspect your water pump may be failing, contact us.

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Your Car Water Pump

Your car water pump is small but plays a very important role. The water pump is  situated somewhere on the engine block, usually the front or side, and is connected to and driven by the timing belt. The pump circulates the coolant or antifreeze through the engine block in order to prevent the engine from overheating.  If your water pump ceases to work, your engine will overheat, potentially causing serious, or even permanent damage. 

How Long Does A Water Pump Last?

Water pumps have a long lifespan but it is often recommended to replace them at the same time you replace the timing belt. Most vehicles require that the timing belt be replaced at around 100,000 to 150,000 kilometres. By replacing the water pump at the same time, you reduce labour costs and help prevent unpleasant surprises. Replacing a water pump is difficult and best handled by a professional. In some vehicles, the timing belt is used to turn the water pump so installing one yourself can damage the engine if done incorrectly.

How Do I Know My Water Pump Needs Replacing?

You may not be able to self-diagnose the need to replace your water pump. However, there are some clues that you can use to assist you. If you see coolant beneath your car, try to determine where it is coming from. Over time, the pump may begin to leak coolant around the casing that will drip to the ground. Another signal is if the pump is becoming excessively noisy. This may indicate that the impeller is no longer functioning correctly. Finally, if your temperature light comes on, you have an issue which may be a result of a faulty water pump. Regular car maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent unpleasant surprises. Have a reliable auto technician check your coolant levels and system when the vehicle is in the shop. 

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