Replace Car Battery - How Often And Why?

When do you need to replace a car battery? How often should you do it and why?  What exactly does a battery do? How should you maintain it? The car battery is not a large part of your vehicle, but it is a vital component. To help you understand more about your car battery, we will answer these questions. If you think your battery needs to be replaced, contact us.


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What Does Your Car Battery Do?

Every electrical component in your vehicle, and there are many, is powered by your car battery.  Most batteries are wet cell batteries that contain a combination of acid and lead encased in plastic. The battery produces an electrical charge that enables you to start the vehicle and run the various electrical components. The alternator in turn recharges the battery while the motor is running.

Check out this video which helps to explain how a battery works.


When Do You Need To Replace Your Car Battery?

Most car batteries will last an average of 2-7 years in normal use. Batteries vary in quality, with the best ones generally having longer lives. Extremely cold weather makes it more difficult for the battery, as it slows down the chemical reactions taking place. Eventually, even the best ones wear out as all batteries lose their capacity over time.  This means that the battery is less able to recover after each use and may go completely flat, leaving you unable to operate your vehicle. In some provinces, it is wise to obtain a battery blanket to keep your battery warmer on those long, cold Canadian winter nights. A battery is not difficult to replace but many car owners choose to have a professional auto technician carry out this replacement.

How Should You Maintain Your Car Battery?

Batteries last longer if the  vehicle is  used regularly. If you leave your car parked and undriven for extended periods of time it will deteriorate more quickly. If your car has problems with its charging system, for example, the alternator, it may also wear out prematurely.  Poor terminal connections can prevent the battery from recharging and shorten its life. Other important parts of the electrical system that can damage the battery if not working correctly include the starter motor and solenoid. Some auto repair facilities will check your battery's strength and connections as part of a regular service or oil change.


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