When To Change Your Car Air Filter

How do you know when to change your car air filter? Read below as we examine the the role of an air filter and its lifespan. Professional auto technicians know how to examine an air filter and determine if it is in need of changing or maintenance. When it comes to regular vehicle maintenance we recommend that you  find an auto repair shop that you can trust, like Hansma Automotive.


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What Is An Air Filter?

An air filter does exactly what its name suggests - it filters impurities out of the air.  Any internal combustion engine requires air. The engine works by burning gasoline or diesel, both of which require oxygen in order to burn. The purpose of your vehicle's air filter is to remove all the dirt particles from the air before it reaches the combustion chambers where the air and fuel mix. If the air is dirty, it will foul the motor, damaging components and reducing your vehicle's fuel economy and life expectancy.

A Carburettor Style Filter

A Carburettor Style Filter

How Long Does An Air Filter Last?

The lifespan of an air filter varies depending on a number of factors, and the poorer the air quality entering the filter, the shorter the lifespan. If you drive in dirty, dusty or polluted areas, you will probably need to change your filter more often than the average car owner.  It is recommended by some experts that you change your filter every 5,000 -15,000 kilometres. Some manufacturers, like GM, have suggested that an air filter can last as long as 100,000 kilometres. 

There are a couple of things that you can do to help you decide whether your filter needs changing. First, you can check your owner's manual to see what they recommend. Of course, a visual inspection of the air filter will help you determine if it is clogged and dirty. If you make a policy of at least examining the filter every 10,000 kilometres, it should help you prevent expensive repairs down the road. If you don't know where your air filter is located or how to replace it, contact a professional auto technician for assistance.

Symptoms That May Suggest A Dirty Air Filter

If you notice a marked decrease in fuel economy, you may have a dirty air filter, as the engine is unable to create the ideal air-fuel mixture. Ultimately, if the air filter is not changed, the excessive fuel in the combustion mixture may cause the spark plugs to become dirty and fouled, which in turn can cause rough idling, starting problems, and an unsatisfactory ride. Before you procrastinate on changing the filter, be aware that a new filter can improve gas mileage by as much as 14% and increase the car's acceleration by up to 10%.

Regular Maintenance

Some car owners choose to change the filter when they have an oil change. Even if you choose to wait for every second oil change, it is a good policy to routinely change your filter along with your regular scheduled maintenance.  It becomes important then, to have a reliable, trustworthy auto repair shop that will take good care of you and your vehicle. At Hansma automotive we believe in putting our customers first, as can be seen by our lengthy list of satisfied customers.  If you would like to schedule regular maintenance appointments then simply contact us or book an appointment online.

Watch the following video explaining hot to check an air filter:

Posted on February 22, 2016 .