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Car repairs are a worrisome part of car ownership. Listed below are brief explanations of some of the most common repairs that you will be likely to face with your vehicle. At Hansma we can professionally deal with all of these problems and many more. 

Hansma Automotive takes the worry out of car repairs with our team of honest, reliable repair specialists. Book an appointment today if you are experiencing any of the following issues with your vehicle. Hansma is located in Kitchener, and services cars from all surrounding regions. Look to Hansma for your Kitchener Auto Repair.

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Brakes should be checked regularly as brake failure is one of the most common causes of traffic accidents. Brakes should be serviced at least every six months, and more frequently if you do a lot of city driving. If your brakes are squealing, grinding, making unusual noises, or if the brake pedal is spongy, have them looked at immediately.


The transmission serves as the link between your engine and the wheels, allowing you to travel down the road. Transmission maintenance is often ignored, so follow the suggested schedule in your owners handbook. Check your transmission fluid regularly and have the vehicle serviced immediately if you are made aware of any leaks.

Heating Systems

A properly functioning heating system is vital to surviving a harsh Canadian winter. Common problems such as a damaged fuse, thermostat, water pump, radiator, vacuum leak, heater core, or valve can all leave your vehicle without a heating system. Don't freeze unnecessarily in the winter. If your vehicle gets cold unexpectedly, come to Hansma for a complete heater diagnostic.

Air Conditioners

When summer rolls around a functioning air conditioner is vital. Common air conditioner problems include refrigerant leaks, a non-working fan or compressor, or possibly on-board computer issues. Be prepared for the summer by having us run a diagnostic before the hot weather arrives. 

Steering Column

Hansma is an expert in steering column repair. Contact us without delay if you are experiencing a loosening in the steering, vibrations through the steering wheel, difficulty changing direction, or any other steering problem. 


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Don't ignore thumping and clunking noises when going over rough roads as they are a sign you may have a suspension issues. Contact us immediately if you hear unexplained noises when you drive, especially if you notice new changes after hitting a pothole or curb.

Suspension and steering are linked and if you ignore a problem with one, it may lead to problems with the other. Besides an uncomfortable ride, signs of suspension issues include uneven tire wear, pulling to one side of the road when driving, and imprecise steering. Call us if you think you are experiencing one of these problems.


When you bring your car in for an oil change, our team will always give your exhaust system a quick check. If you ignore a loose exhaust it can lead to more expensive repairs, and may cause your vehicle to fail the Ontario Drive Clean Test.


Tie-rods are connected with your steering column.  If you detect any looseness in the steering call us immediately. In addition tie-rods should be checked by a qualified automotive technician every time you bring your vehicle in to get an oil change. Contact us for both regular oil changes and tie-rod inspections.


If your vehicle has a standard transmission, you can expect to need to service your clutch from time to time. If your clutch is not working properly you will experience difficulty changing gears. This may cause transmission damage if left unattended. 

Catalytic Converter

Your catalytic converter is a key component of your exhaust system. It removes many of the impurities from your exhaust, reducing pollution. If your catalytic converter is damaged you may not pass your Drive Clean test. 

Auto Repair

If you require any vehicle repairs contact Hansma Automotive for professional automotive repair service. Our team of reliable and experienced specialists are ready to help you with your every automotive concern


"I have been using Hansma Automotive Service Inc. for over 5 years now and I find them to be professional in every respect. Their technicians quickly identify the issues and formulate a prioritized repair schedule. You can see that Peter has instilled his core values of honesty, Integrity and thoroughness in his team while also staying competitive. Keep up the good work" - Garry Aldworth, Customer


Posted on March 23, 2015 .