Why do I need an Ontario Safety Inspection?

In Ontario you must, by law, obtain an Ontario safety standards certificate if you want to register a motor vehicle. This post will let you know when and if you need to get a certificate.  If you require a safety inspection to get your vehicle's safety standards certificate,  contact the professionals at Hansma Automotive.


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Do I need a Safety Standard Certificate?

You will need to get an Ontario safety inspection done to obtain a safety standard certificate if one or more of the following applies to you:

1.  You have purchased a used vehicle and now you want to register that vehicle in your name. This is probably the most common reason for getting a safety inspection. All used vehicles which are privately sold in Ontario need to bring proof of a successful inspection before they can be registered and plated.

2. You have given a used vehicle to another person and want to register that vehicle in the new owner's name. For example, if a father has decided to give his car to his daughter he needs to get an Ontario safety inspection before he can register it in her name. Some exceptions exist such as a husband transferring a vehicle to his wife. To find out about further exemptions you should contact Service Ontario's Driver and Vehicle Contact Centre at (416) 235-2999 or toll toll-free at 1-800-387-3445.

3. If you have a vehicle which was previously registered in another province and you now want to drive it in Ontario. Each province has different safety regulations. A safety inspection from another province is not valid in Ontario, therefore you will need to obtain a new one in order to register your vehicle.

4.  If you have a vehicle that previously failed its safety inspection, you will need to have it done again. You will have to address the areas which caused the vehicle to fail the test and have it re-tested and pass in order to register the vehicle.

5.  If you have rebuilt a motor vehicle, you will need to get a safety inspection in order to register that vehicle.

Vehicles Exempt from an Ontario Safety Inspection

The following vehicles are not required to undergo an Ontario Vehicle Safety Inspection in order to have them registered:

  • used motorized snow vehicles
  • off-road vehicles
  • motor-assisted bicycles (mopeds)
  • trailers



New Changes Effective July 1, 2016

Effective July 1, 2016, the Ontario Ministry of Transport will be implementing changes to the standards required for a vehicle to pass a safety inspection. These are the first changes to be introduced in 42 years.  The changes will include:
1. New checks to the power-train system such as the gas pedal, throttle, exhaust, clutch, etc.
2. Stricter requirements for tires
3. Stringent requirements for the structural integrity of the vehicle
4. New suspension standards
5. Increased standards in the lighting department
6. A road test

For a more detailed summary of the changes, click here or watch the following video. There's also a great article from the Globe and Mail which discusses what these changes mean for people who purchase new vehicles.

Where To Get A Safety Inspection

You can get a safety inspection at any inspection station in Ontario which is licensed by MTO, such as Hansma Automotive. Hansma Automotive has been servicing the Kitchener area since 1987. They provide good old-fashioned customer service and have built up a loyal following in the area. Come and see for yourself. They are located at 88 Shoemaker Street in Kitchener, Ontario.

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