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E-testing Kitchener- If you live in Ontario you've probably heard about E-testing. But what exactly is E-testing? It is an emissions test, also known as a Drive Clean test. You will need to get an E-test performed if you purchase and older vehicle. When a vehicle is more than 7 years old it must pass a Drive Clean test in order to be registered and licensed. If you need to get a Drive Clean test done, trust the experts at Hansma Automotive to do it right.


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How Often Do I Need An E-test?

You will need to get an E-test done every two years once your vehicle is more than 7 years old. Heavy-duty vehicles require a test annually once they are 7 years old. Used vehicles require a valid Drive Clean test pass when they are sold if the model year is older than the current year. There is an exemption, however, if you are selling the vehicle to a family member such as a spouse, child, parent, grandparent, sibling, etc. For a complete list of exemptions, click here.

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How Is An E-Test Performed?

Before the Drive Clean test is performed, the technician will perform a pre-test check. A visual check is done at no cost, and if any of the following are found, they must be fixed before the actual test is done.

  • Missing gas cap or catalytic converter
  • Fuel filler pipe defects
  • Onboard computer system problem which would prevent the test being completed
  • Smoke coming from the tailpipe
  • A problem the inspector feels might prevent the test being safely performed

The technician will give you a rejection form and you will need to have them repaired and return later for your test. If any of these issues are present in your vehicle, come to Hansma Automotive to get them repaired. The professionals at Hansma can prepare your vehicle to pass and they can also perform the Drive Clean test.

Different Types of E-Tests

There are 3 different tests used to test emissions. The type and age of your vehicle will determine which test will be performed.

1. Onboard Diagnostic System Test (OBD Test)
The OBD Test is performed on all light duty vehicles made in 1998 or later. This test accesses the information stored in your vehicle's onboard computer to determine whether the emissions system is working properly and is not releasing pollutants above your vehicle's emissions standards.

2. Tailpipe Test
Vehicles which do not have an onboard computer will need to have a tailpipe test done to measure carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions. These vehicles include cars and vans made from 1988 to 1997.

3. Opacity Tests
An opacity test is performed on heavy-duty, diesel-fueled vehicles. This test measures the density of smoke emitted from a vehicle's exhaust.


How Much Does a Drive Clean Test Cost?

The cost of a Drive Clean test depends on the type of vehicle, the type of test, and whether or not it is a re-test. Light-duty vehicles will cost up to $30. For a complete list of prices, click here.

Where Can I Get a Drive Clean Test?

Click here to find a test facility near you. If you are in Kitchener, come see the experts at Hansma Automotive for your Drive Clean test. We are conveniently located at 88 Shoemaker Street.

Posted on August 7, 2016 .